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    Should be easy to guess the reference in the topic title dohohoho~ And if it isn't, it should make itself obvious(I think) once you finish reading my introduction :3 Hello! Nice to meet you peeps. I am a fan of both Japanese and Western material. Favorites include: Japanese - Anything by Type-Moon and any Shin Megami Tensei title, I am a total fanboy for both. Other favorites include the Ys series(THAT MUSIC OMG) The Metal Gear series(Only played a few so far) The Last Remnant(I guess I am one of the few fans of this title, welp. Haven't completed yet though) The Zelda series Rune Factory(3 and above. Not a fan of the first two sadly...) BlazBlue(I suck at this series, still like it for Trollzama) Durarara/Baccano!(Anime and light novels) ...well, I won't list more, not gonna list anime either. Don't want to turn this into an even bigger post than it is already herp. Western - Mass Effect(Still a fun series despite that end.) Witcher Half-Life Portal Alan Wake Elder Scrolls Dishonored Sleeping Dogs L.A. Noire Game of Thrones(Books and show) ...and I will stop there. Again, quite a few more I like :V ---- And uh, well, that's it I guess. One thing I should mention is that English is not my first language, if you spot any huge errors, please tell me so, so I can learn from said mistakes. Came here due to the visual novels, and joined on the offchance that I run into any problems regarding VN's, hopefully I get help and you peeps don't mind that too much >>; I will try to be active of course, as this seems to be a fun community, and I know of no other visual novel sites like these, so yeah. Which brings me to the question I want to end this post with, its just due to curiosity, if possible, I hope you can answer: When was this community/site founded? I had literally not heard of it until yesterday! Came across it while looking for some visual novels. Are you merely providing visual novels, or will you perhaps do some stuff in the future to help spread visual novels? Not sure what exactly, just a general question. Anyways, hope to have fun here with y'all!
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    Visual Novel Recommendations

    My personal recommendations: Muv-Luv Alternative, my favourite anything ever. You need to sit through Muv-Luv Extra+Unlimited first though, which might turn some people off. Katawa Shoujo, as far as slice-of-life VNs are concerned this is one of the best. Fate/Stay Night + Tsukihime, where fantasy is concerned Type-Moon kicks ass. Ever17, this is a classic and a must-read for its great plot. Steins;Gate, while the start is meh it builds up to an excellent, thrilling ending. True Remembrance, my favourite of short-story VNs, pound-for-pound this is as good as any of the above. As far as Little Busters is concerned imo there's no need to wait for the EX/ME translation, the additional routes all require you to complete the original true end to unlock anyway. Plus given the slow progress i think Rewrite will end up being finished first.
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    The one VN you want...

    harry_kinomoto's very brief idiot's guide to creating a balls-to-the-walls awesome VN that will go down in HISTORY as a classic that changed the world Guiding principles: A desire to create something beautiful. A desire to create something wonderful. A desire to create something perfect. A complete and utter disregard for everything else. Suggested ways to go about doing this: Creativity: as long as undertaken in the pursuit of the abovementioned. A team of people who will talk to each other about the abovementioned. A team of people who will listen to each others' ideas about the abovementioned. A team of people who will work on each others' ideas about the abovementioned. In other words: lots and lots and lots of love, tolerance and [pink]encouragement[/pink]. Pink colours optional. Possible results of implementing the abovementioned (adapted somewhat from here): A protagonist that isn't a blank slate. A storyline that doesn't JUST focus on fappability. More animated scenes. More than one "true end". Writing that doesn't rely so much on cultural references as it does fundamental human values everyone will recognise.... ...but paradoxically, something that most people will not understand or "get", and thus... A team who will be trolled to their graves for creating an absolute abomination; only to be recognised for their wisdom 50 years after their death. tl;dr: a VN that is in the true sense of the word "ideal", does not exist at present,.
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    Dishonored/X-COM: Enemy Unknown

    I agree with dishonored. I'm starting my second playthrough after finishing it on hard with the shadow on almost every mission but one (I was sad about that). Now I'm just going to kill everyone~
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    Dishonored/X-COM: Enemy Unknown

    Completed Dishonored. Damn this game was friggin awesome, I played it on very hard. Knocking out people as needed and sneaking past most of them. The game is pretty easy though, you can complete it as you like rambo, non lethal, etc. Best ending is by not killing too many, just kill the major targets and so on. Pretty happy how my choices made the ending. There is sooo many ways you can complete the game, they really put much though into it. I'm going to complete the game without any powerups and on very hard in a few months time, as then I have likely forgot how much of the game was. I'll only use autosaves too. I reccommend the game, its was epic, I score it 94/100 imo.