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Update to my family: I have a new wife, Ayase :)


The story of my family

I live in a beautiful town of Hibarigasaki. The world alone would feel pretty empty, filled with faceless NPCs such as vendors etc.
But when I look back at my life before that, it was no less empty than that. One might even say that it was even worse and more lonely, because Hibarigasaki at least has a beautiful nature surrounding it, unlike the town I used to live in.

But shortly after I moved here, my whole life changed. It was on that fateful night when I ventured to the lookout, it is a very peaceful place on top of the hill overlooking the town, perfect for clearing your mind of stress. But little did I know that this one trip there will change the course my life is taking this drastically.

Yes, it is there I met a girl. A girl whose name I can never forget, as it has been engraved into my heart.
My beloved Mare~


And as is inevitable in happy stories like this, later that year I married her, or should I say Mare-ied her~


While we were enjoying our marriage we also both fell in love with another girl. Mare needed a girl to talk to about girly things and experiment with her in the field of yuri and that's how we met her.

The cutest fruit in the world, Illya~


Since Mare is about a year older than Illya, she treats her like an imouto. Those are one of the cutest moments, when Mare is trying to act like onee-chan~
To be honest she is pretty good at it :)

And one thing let to another and suddenly we had another Mareige on our hands. This time we were welcoming Illya to the family.
You can view the full story HERE - includes many moe pictures from the wedding.

We thought we had it all, but there was still something missing. It didn't take long for us to realize, that Illya's best friend wanted so badly to be part of the family too. She was so shy so we didn't see it at first but one day we spotted her sitting in a bench near the road to the Hibarigasaki lookout. There she was, sitting lonely, waiting for a chance to be part of our family.

Our shy Miyu~


Mare wasn't that excited about her at first, because suddenly she wasn't the oldest girl there. But it didn't take long and she got used to calling her nee-chan and the love started to blossom. Mare still had Illya to call her onee-chan so she was happy, and Miyu quickly took the role of Mare's nee-san, helping her with everything she needed. It was the true harmony, love everywhere, ultimate peace of the world. Yet there was one last thing remaining to be done.

And that's how we came up with a secret plan. A secret plan for a secret wedding during the winter holidays. I still remember the moment we told her, it was one of the cutest moments I've seen Miyu in.


It was only the 4 of us, without any guests or preparations, of course with some special night activities after the ceremony :)
And after that night, the family was complete.

So that is the story of my family, from the beginning to the present day. Who knows what awaits us in the future, but the one thing that is certain is that it will be full of love and moe. And honestly, what else can you ask for in life, this is the true happiness, this is the purpose of life, the reason we are here.
So lets enjoy our time in the world with all of our moe 2d girls and just be happy~


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5 hours ago, Zakamutt said:

the good thing about 2d wives is that they don't need food

Not only this, they don't get jealous if you look at other girls (2d or otherwise), and will allow it (and may even join you):

2D grils are truly the best :nokia:

5 hours ago, VirginSmasher said:

This is why nobody should trust Kiri's recommendations.

Same as why no one should trust your Moege (which amounts to 1 single title) recommendations :wahaha:

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