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Another tutorial to play VNs.

Deep Blue


Boring introduction to understand why I'm making this tutorial. (You can skip this if you want)

So this tutorial is to create that so called "mechanical immersion" when you play a VN, kinda (?)
Personally I read old VNs with the help of chiitrans for parsing the text, to being able to immerse myself into the story I need to read it in full-screen mode (I just can't read it otherwise) and this is not a problem when I read new novels that allow me to kinda cheat and use chiitrans even in full-screen mode but what about old VNs? With VNs that have resolutions of 640x480 or 800x600 you can't go full-screen and use chiitrans at the same time, the parser will either look really bad or it simply won't show.
Now, to fix this issue I used to use a virtual machine called Oracle VM VirtualBox, that program allowed me to scale the screen at any size I wanted so I could play the VNs in "full-screen" mode and it kinda worked... but the problem is... using a virtual machine was a pain in the ass in general :rubycry: so I searched for an easier solution and here it is:

(End of the boring introduction)


What you will need:


(OnTopReplica, ResizeEnableRunner and maybe Windows on top)
All the softwares are free and ad-free too but you can scan them if you want.


1) Download, unpack and install everything (some of them don't require any installation).

2) See if you can take a shortcut by using ResizeEnableRunner, this wont work most of the time and it will make some VNs look bad, but you can try if you want.

Just resize the screen of the VN by clicking on the borders of the VN itself and while holding the left click drag it and expand it, just like you do with any other program.




 3) If that method doesn't work (80% of the time) or you just don't like how it looks, then use OnTopReplica.

a) Open the program and you will see this:



Left click on it...trust me on this one.:OurLordAndSavior:

b) Select your VN and click in "-whole-"



c) Once your VN is selected you will know because the program will duplicate the screen, now you can resize it but that's not what we want to do, we want to go full-screen mode.
So go to: Resize > Full-screen. (you can also double click on the duplicated screen and it will do the same thing)



d) Now this is the important part, you will need to advance the text of the VN with your keyboard but you can also use your mouse.
Position the VN behind the duplicated window, then right click on the duplicated screen and click on "enable click-through", the duplicated screen will now be "transparent" so you can click through it.



Here is how it looks and a comparison using the stretching mode (with ResizeEnableRunner) and using the duplicated screen.
NOTE: The "resize enable runner" program uses the same method that Visual Novel Reader to stretch the visual novels.




Problems you may encounter while using the software:

*Some VNs will love to stay on top of the screen or they won't let you use, in my case chiitrans or the parser you normally use, for those cases use WindowsOnTop. 
Open it > assign a hotkey to it > and when have that issue just force the program to stay on top, this is how I solved it with some VNs, for example setsunai, or just old VNs.



*Why I'm seeing black borders? It's annoying!


Easy peasy Japanesey, now you can read your VNs full of runes and 象形文字 in full-screen mode for a perfect immersion.:rize:
Btw, if you are wondering about the delay between the duplicated screen and the original, well there isn't any. (I'm sure there is probably some but it's imperceptible)


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20 minutes ago, Zakamutt said:

name: another tutorial to play vns
content: pretty chiitrans text hooking in fullscreen mode

idk man

You can use any software you want not just chiitrans, another parser like translator aggregator for example, this helps you to overlay anything you want in fullscreen mode which is something you can't do normally.
Use your imagination :rimu:

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40 minutes ago, Zakamutt said:

I... my point... wasn't...

...I'm sleeeeeepyyyyy nyaaaaaa don't do this to me nyaaa.................

Are you saying that the title of the blog is misleading because it's too broad and it may cause confusion about its content, causing click baits? If so, then that was the point :Kappa:

Edited by Deep Blue

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Deep Blue, this isn't a direct response to this blog post. But thank you so much for last year introducing the community (and therefore to me) to Chiitrans lite. It is miles better than the ITH+Translation Aggregator combination that I was suffering through before. Literally Chiitranslite allowed me to enjoy reading Untld VNs, whereas before it felt more like homework. 

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Interesting way to display VN's in full screen. I personally prefer to use basic DPI scaling of Windows 10 to increase the Window sizes of VN's that don't allow free resizing by default. The technically 'outdated' 4:3 VN's are actually great for that since I can display them pretty much full screen with Chiitrans on the left side of it. In addition, I set the text box transparency to 100% since I read the text in Chiitrans anyway, and therefore get a VN window which isn't cropped by the text box anymore. That means I get more image glory than a native reader har har... :D

But for 16 : 9 VN's it might be worth a try since I can't display them full screen because I need some space for the Chiitrans window.

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