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Fruit of the poisonous tree (?) random thoughts.

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Deep Blue


So, this time I'm going to ramble about something that really bothers me in VNs, this also applies to any genre not just VNs.

While I was doing a review about ashita no yukinojou and another VN.. I kept thinking about this on and on and then I remembered yet other VNs that did the same thing (Tyr talked about one of them)
So, I scraped everything out just to write this. 

Here is my issue: If the core part of the plot is badly written and doesn't make sense or has serious flaws then even if the overall VN is good it cannot be saved and it will be bad no matter what, that's why I'm going to use the fruit of the poisonous tree analogy xD "The logic of the terminology is that if the source (the "tree") of the evidence or evidence itself is tainted, then anything gained (the "fruit") from it is tainted as well." from wikipedia lol

Spoilers of ashita no yuki ahead (sorry but you will need to spoil yourself with the plot or you wont be able to understand my point, I tried to simplify it as much as possible)


the story begins with the "main heroine" being "abducted" and getting almost raped by a bunch of rascals lol until the main character steps in into the scene and rescues her...or not, we find out later on that he actually wanted to kill himself because.... well plot related stuff that don't matter here, the thing that bothers me is that 3 guys were sexually assaulting a teen girl and they didn't rape her because someone prevented it (you and her 2 childhood friends) the problem with this is that the basic story revolves around something that doesnt make sense, why it doesnt make sense?

Because nobody called the cops about the situation, later on she gets kidnapped again by the same guys and again nobody calls the cops YET AGAIN, and only reason is because of the teen protagonist who is btw a genius (for no reason because they never show you why he is a genius, he just is...) and a super good pro boxer rescues her, this time for real.

One of the childhood friends of the heroine gives you an speech about how shit you are because you actually didnt save her, he beats the shit out of you because of that....but wait a second, you just saved your childhood friend from being raped and you didnt call the cops? And you also let her went to the school the next day? and later on when she gets kidnapped again you did nothing just wait around like a moron just like her whole family and friends until someone rescued her again.....WHAT?

How can I immerse myself into this world where something so retarded is ignored? How can I ignore when the plot wastes hours on some idiotic school festival that adds nothing to the plot but they don't spare time with 2 or 3 lines of text saying "well, we called the cops, they are working on it! It's a big city so chances of finding them out are low so just be careful until we arrest them" anything would be fine! I'm not asking a detailed thing like in giniro haruka where the actually explain you how a foreign gets a visa in Japan, or what do you need to get married, just a simple fucking line!

Now, bare with me a little, I know this is a VN so it doesn't have to be 100% realistic buuuuuuuut if you are going with the "realistic plot" then you cannot write this kind of crap and then expect the reader to ignore it when it happens.

Does it always have to be like this? No, it's all about the context itself, but there is one thing you cannot ignore, if you are working with humans as characters (and not with orcs, neko girls, or some random alien civilization) then you cannot ignore some basic stuff. Humans use reasoning or so I want to believe, so if you are trying to tell me that you raised a person, lived with her just to use it as a sacrifice or you give me a moral speech about how I didn't rescue someone but at the same time you didn't call the police then go fuck yourself.
It doesn't matter if the plot has some fantasy settings, sci-fi, etc if you are dealing with humans you need to apply the basic reasoning that a human would apply to that situation itself or else I cannot take it seriously.

But wait there is more! Using the "human" as the only characteristic is a bit too broad and wide and not always can be applied... the second thing and the most important one is: 
Is the plot trying to take itself seriously, does it really want you to believe what it's going on or is just an excuse to keep the story flowing?
If it's actually taking itself in a serious way, then it is without a doubt a garbage crap, written by a moron.

Now, opinions and interpretations are a very subjective thing so probably we won't agree in many VNs regarding if you can or cannot apply this (specially some of the vns I've read and voted with a high score that might fall into this category) and I know that some readers don't want realism in VNs to begin with, so this is something they will never understand or even want in the first place and I can understand that but then again these are just some random thoughts and complains that I have and I wanted to share them, nothing more. If you don't agree with them I'm ok with that.

Sorry if this is just poorly written and seems a little rushed (it is xd) I was going to write a more extensive text but I'm too lazy and tired for that.

Have a nice day.:mare:



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re: ...and I know that some readers don't want realism in VNs to begin with, so this is something they will never understand or even want in the first place ...

- characters behaving in a realistic, non illogical and consequent manner does not neccessarily contradict a plotline that still gives off a fictional vibe, as both are pretty much able to co-exist, btw. enhance eachother, whereas most titles lacking the former often end up nothing but works of great retardism, making you cringe until there is no more. basically saying well written works of selfinsertion are long since dead, be it either because of authors seemingly giving some fucks, or to non scare off the more sensitive part of their readership who tend to favor maximized escapism over its pendant, prone to getting depressive and such. honestly speaking, to me every kind of art (unless it contains personal information) is and should always stand above ethics and morals, means, why should an author even care about some readers possibly hanging themselves, forwhy it´s simply neither his nor his works fault (obvious exaggeration(?) here). nothing worse than crippling your own works out of false consideration/playing amateur-therapist, seriously.

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