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.org site not redirecting anymore?

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Up until recently the .org site had successfully redirected to the .net site, thus making things simpler for those who still had .org on.


That said though, now it seems to not be redirecting anymore, and there's a rather...odd error page that shows up.  Is redirect support for the .org site removed now since it's been a while since the move, or is there something more odd/confusing going on here?

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We don't know for sure who's in control of .org - it might be Aaeru or whoever. That person didn't want to transfer the domain, so all I could do was do the redirect programmatically on the server level instead of the domain level (which would've skipped the old server completely).


Our old host is free to change the site contents of the web folders, or the domain owner might've done something with it now that we're no longer using it, who knows.


The redirection has been in place long enough to change most google links to .net, so I think we're in the clear here.

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