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Need Slice of life Romcom Visual Novel and Moege recommendations (Translated)

Rahman N

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I already did the most famous ones. I need a VN from the following genre

  • Slice of Life with some good comedy
  • Romcom without a lotta drama
  • Fantasy/action/adventure is okay to if it has SOL and comedy 
  • Moege/Dating sim

As I already mentioned I did most famous moege and went through all Fuwanovel recommendation pages to my preferable genre and I did them.I m kinda lost now where to start or which ones to start since I checked my completed VN studio ones too.I can tag filter VNDB but I wanna ask you guys as your recommendations are quite handy and pretty good.Guide me guys.

My completed VNs are as follows: 

  • SMEE VNs - Making lovers,Sugar style,Fureraba
  • Yuzusoft VNs - Noble Works,Dracu Riot,Cafe stella,Riddle joker,Sanoba witch,Senren Banka
  • Purple Software - Amatsutsumi,Kunado Chronicles,Chronoclock
  • Frontwing- Grisaia Trilogy,Island,Subahibi
  • Palette - Nine 4 episodes and Saku Saku
  • PULLTOP - IFMHW, Koisuru Resort
  • Sprite - Aokana , KoiChoco
  • Asaproject- Renai x Royale,Koikari,Love Triangle
  • Marmalade- Primal X Hearts 1 and 2 , Study Steady
  • Key-LB,Rewrite,Clannad,Kanon,Summer Pockets
  • Toneworks- Hatsukoi,Hoshi ori yume mirai
  • Kiniro Loveriche and GT
  • Hello Lady
  • Hello Goodbye 
  • Hoshi Memo
  • Majikoi,Majikoi S and Majikoi A1-A5
  • Koiken Otome
  • Secret Agent 
  • Wagahigh
  • Damekoi
  • FMD
  • Bokuten
  • SG and SG0

I Need Visual Novel recommendations other than my finished ones and better if it has SOL Romcom with little or avg drama moments.Fantasy/action genre is preferable too if it has SoL ish/Comedy/laidback atmosphere feel.Translated ones are most welcome.
Thanks for reading.
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For my belated recommendation, just in case you're still searching for more then I can recommend the title such as Clover Day's, Irotoridori no Sekai (It's just released very recently), Ginharu (Still no Yuzuki's patch release yet, but at least you can try to read the four translated routes very slowly until the patch release which supposed to be happen in this month), and Walkure Romanze, Also for the upcoming releases, there's Mashiro Iro and Tenshi Reboot, although unfortunately it's still uncertain when we'll get the latter thanks to the random ban by the reviewer. I hope that my recommendations here can be helpful to you if you still didn't read those yet even though it's very late.

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