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Need help with remembering name of VN


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Hallo! It was romantic visual novel, where we played as a male character. I remember, that it was like mix middle ages japan with magic?and other stuff like this. There was several characters, but I remember good only one - fox/cat girl , she had black or white hair(this 2 colors, not orange or blond, or other specific colors), and there was a scene where you slept with this girl in house(Just sleep. Maybe something was described in the text, but the actual art showed just sleeping neko girl). Also I remember location with a something like small lake(it was night or this “lake” was inside a cave), I think that male protagonist woke up there, but not sure, and also it could be that protagonist was found there by another neko girl, but with orange/red hair. This one has nudity, but I saw it on YouTube and this version that I saw - had like “easy” nudity, for example in sleep scene with cat her bust was shown without nipples, maybe there is also version with full nudity, but I saw only this one. Saw it somewhere in 2017-2018, but VN could be older. Oh, and pretty sure, that there was a choice, not just text.I saw this one in russian translation, so pretty sure it has english translation too, maybe not official, but like a mod

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On 7/15/2023 at 12:36 AM, littleshogun said:

Since the OP mention that he saw the VN in 2017 or 2018, maybe it's Brave Soul (It didn't have black or white haired catgirl though), which is pretty much the only available choice. Also it's English translation is not really a mod, but rather it's the official translation by JAST through Peach Princess from 2003.

Nah… Definitely not this. My VN didn’t have any gameplay instead of choices and graphic there was better. Unfortunately not this

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