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Award-winning EVN creator Mado becomes PR staff at VNStudioÈlan


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So, something very interesting happened today. There is a creative, multi-talented indie solo developer called Mado who had recently been publishing their first big game. It's a dark and suspenseful tale about a lot of girls that are in something akin to a Promised Neverland setting where they cannot leave from a paradisical location called the Haven. The game is called Bad Faith and it's very high quality.

Bad Faith by Mado (itch.io)


Well, surprisingly this developer just got hired as a PR staff at VNStudioÈlan. They are known to have created mostly Yuri-oriented games such as Heart of the Woods, Highway Blossoms and their newest title Please be Happy! (Demo) These are some of the few EVNs that even the most boneheaded JVN-only players can agree on that they have plenty of quality. 

Congratz to Mado for her achievement! 

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