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Visual Novel Monthly Recap - June 2021 News (ft. DDLC Plus + Kinkoi + Laplacian)

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  • 3 weeks later...

We surely have many news in regard of VNs at June, so let's see what I can comment on June here.

  • Laplacian surely know on how to open a can of worm by decided to making Aojashin overseas release as all age VN just because they decided to go all age, which mean obviously it wouldn't be an easy pill to swallow because it's basically mean that Laplacian going Pulltop for their Magnum Opus. Granted the writer did promise that he'll write the side episodes in order to make up the censorship, but unless the new contents can really make up for the censorship like Dies Irae or Eien no Aselia I say the censorship problem won't goes away. In any case, I didn't like on how Laplacian just decided to removed the sex scenes for Aojashin English version and thus they not give the chance for the reader to chose whether they can read the sex scenes or not.
  • Speaking of Pulltop, Snow translation team decided to translate Konosora Snow Present and more importantly uncensored Miagete. While the latter is obviously a very good news, it would still take a while to work on that especially when the translator did say that Pulltop's engine is really hard to work on (I'm agree with him).
  • Turned out that Letter from the Rainy Days didn't put much focus on the mystery of the blackmail case, but instead the romance that happen because of the blackmail which to be fair it should be seeing that the developer did try to promote this as GL VN. Also turned out that this VN is just the first part seeing that the playthrough is quite short and that there's a certain sentence in the opening video that make me think like that even before the VN was released, so let's see when the developer can release the sequel with the focus on new GL couple and possibly the answer behind the blackmail case.
  • Alka did launch two of their new projects, Clearworld and Aonatsu Line. My interest is obviously lies with the latter in that it's GIGA's attempt to make a lighthearted charage and apparently it's quite well received from the reviews that I read. There's still no progress on Aonatsu Line as of now, and so I look forward to when Alka revealed their progress on Aonatsu Line later.
  • I know that Kirikoi here has some annoying bug, but at least Nekonyan did relatively quick take care of the annoyance so now the bug was reduced a lot. As for Kirikoi itself, while granted it's well received one should expect this as charage in order to avoid some disappointment and that charage has some surprising plot at the true route later.
  • Shiravune being active by released two of nice title (Suzukuri Karin-chan and Study Steady) although too bad that both of those are only available on Johren which mean that the customer need to deal with DRM Denuvo beforehand. That aside, Suzukuri Karin-chan here is basically Suzukuri Dragon with Koihime Musou character because Karin-chan here is the crossover project between Softhouse Chara and Nexton. As for Study Steady, it's more or less moege with the MC approaching one heroine and having a lot of lovely moment with the chosen heroine. Oh yes while VNDB called it as nukige, it's just because most of the CG are the sex scenes while in fact you'll spent more times outside the sex scenes (Although some scenes itself admittedly quite long and that there's 29 scenes).
  • So far JAST did well in regard of the release by releasing the download version first and physical version later, because the production of the latter can took too much time as evident with them in the past. While Meteor Pendulum Heart here has magical girl like transformation and that the heroines design are quite sexy, I'm still waiting for JAST to finally released Yamizome Revenger later seeing that Pendulum Heart here is quite short. As for Onigokko, it's the old charage from Alcot (Released at 2011) with the heroines are the descendant of the Japanese folktales characters (Momotaro, Issun Boshi, Kintarou, and Otohme) and that the MC himself is the phantom thief who keep trying to steal the trasure of the family of the heroines (Three of the heroines). Onigokko here should be a nice read if you didn't mind that it's the old VN. Speaking of old VN, good job to JAST to finally able to released Muramasa at August later after they announced it way back at 2011.
  • For Somnium sequel, interesting that we have female MC (Mizuki) although I suspect that Uchikoshi may write that we'll going to have the MC from the prequel (Date) involved in Mizuki's story seeing that Date is basically Mizuki's guardian in the prequel.

That's all for my comment in regard of June 2021 news.

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