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Visual Novel Monthly Recap - December 2020 Releases and Community News (ft. otomege/fanTLs/Majikoi)

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What an eventful month in regard of the release, and let me try to comment on some news.

  • Good for Sekai that they did release three VNs at once, although compared to other releases it's not big enough to me. At least the drawing in those three VNs are good if anything else (Zombie VN looks quite realistic, while Bokukotsu FD is looks cute as per Sayori's style).
  • Rather than Sukehime release, I'm more curious in regard on why Mangagamer didn't announce their next release. Then again with their next possible release are quite big (ie Musicus and Rance Quest) and that it's more than possible still has some bug (Musicus was in testing and while Rance Quest is already finished the testing there's no guarantee that there wouldn't be more bugs anymore), I guess this time we need to wait for them to be ready to release their next VN.
  • I know that Aksys are sort of infamous with badly translated otome or something like that, but since I didn't pay attention to otome VN much I didn't care about the news (Moreso so far they only release it on console). Even if I care about their otome VNs, let's just say that I probably won't pay attention to bad translation anyway. At least their new three title have interesting premise if anything else.
  • I also know that DMM is quite infamous with their milking thing, although I also look forward to what eight VNs that Shiravune will announce later (At least it should be possible for them to license big title seeing that they apparently gathered quite a number of money). At least DMM did have big list of untranslated VNs if anything else, and I hope that there's no redundant announcement in one of those eight VNs.
  • As for Bustafellow I can say that at least good for otome VN fan who only have PC seeing that PQube also license the PC version, and that the characters design here did resemble Musicus to a degree (Same artist).
  • Quite a lot voice cut that Majikoi did suffer in order to make the cost reasonable, and even then it's probably cost a lot to have the main cast voiced seeing that we have name like Suzumura Kenichi, Katsuyuki Konishi, Takeshi Kusao, and Suwabe Junichi for the male voices, while for the female voices we have Asakawa Yuu and Shizuka Itou. Unsurprisingly, the fans did release the patch that add the voices for the rest of Majikoi's casts (Like back at Kara no Shoujo and Koihime Musou release in which the default releases for those two VNs even worse in that there's no voices available) so now there's no more voice problem if one play JAST version. To me JAST's version is a redundant release seeing that we already have this translated since back at 2015, but at least the translation is more consistent because it's being worked on by one team instead of two different teams.
  • Good luck to Axanael trial translator in regard of getting the new staffs, although as for me it's not quite interesting compared to Kimikoi and another certain release. But then again it's Nitroplus VN, so hopefully some people would translate it for the sake of more translated Nitroplus VNs.
  • I say that it's a good call you decided to just play Mayu's route and then stop when it come to Riddle Joker, especially if you didn't like Yuzusoft usual comedy. As for Riddle Joker itself, while mod Clephas did say that it resemble Dracu Riot I would say that it's still worth to try if someone already play Dracu Riot and want more Yuzusoft, although of course it's obviously apply to anyone else who somehow still didn't play Dracu Riot yet in favor of waiting for official release by Nekonyan. In the end, just like any other works I'll just say that each works did have pro and con, and it's up to each other on whichever work that is better (At least I can say that Joyjason did vote Riddle Joker slightly better compared to Dracu Riot). Oh yes, while the premise have secret agent and super power, in the end it's still Yuzusoft VN so it would be better to just expect it as charage.
  • Normally I won't say that I'm interested with GHS work, but seeing that he'd release Gekkou no Carnevale at Christmas (That I find it quite interesting) I'll make an exception just this time. Okay I know that GHS is been infamous thanks to his (Eccentric if not crazy) effort of making a book based on Cross Channel along with his translation is called as something worse compared to Ixrec in regard of Cross Channel, but I know that some people did favor his translation of Cross Channel compared to Ixrec, so I can say that his translation is okay to a degree. In any case, I would say just read it if you didn't mind on how badly translated (So-called) the VN is or maybe just want to read another translated Nitroplus VN, and perhaps you may find the translation is quite okay contrary to what some other people said.

That's all for my comment in regard of December 2020, and happy new year 2021. Here's hoping for more interesting VNs releases.

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