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Visual Novel Monthly Recap - October 2020 Releases and Community News (ft. many announcements)

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I admit that October is quite an active month, so let me try to comment here.

Too bad that Iwaihime is quite underrated because I believe that it have some potential. Although perhaps people expect too much after seeing Ryukishi07 name as the writer and that they forgot that Ryukishi here is only the writer while all of When They Cry series have him as the director as well so that Ryukishi here didn't have much control in the setting and plot in Iwaihime, and therefore they can only think Iwaihime as inferior. That said, I see that Shira VN can release many interesting VNs in span of a year so I look forward on what they can do in the future. Oh, and some of Iwaihime plot point here did resemble Higurashi and Umineko to a degree.

Robotic Notes DaSH made Mages (The company) looks desperate so much that they add a main character from their more well known VN (Hashida Itaru aka Daru of Steins Gate) into Robotic Notes, or perhaps Mages didn't really confident that Robotic Notes here can stand alone so much that they allowed the main character from their well known title as one of the MC (Or to be blunt shoehorn Daru to become of of the MC) just for the sake of the promotion. In any case, you can just treat DaSH as the fandisc because the writer's CV said so (The main writer of DaSH is experienced in writing fanservice filled so-called sequel Chu Chu series that were more akin to fandisc), and of course treat the Robotic Notes as the main game. While I know that it have some good moments, the addition of Daru did plummet my impression on DaSH a lot. Oh and while the main game also have another character from Steins Gate, Tennouji Nae, at least she's just side character in there so no much change unlike Daru who became one of DaSH MC (To be fair DaSH here is stands for 'Daru Super Hacker', although it shown on how desperate Mages was). Also good job on releasing Elite version of the main game, because I hear that it's the best version of Robotic Notes.

For the rest of my comments, I'll just round it up below.

  • That Misaki's picture from Aokana EXTRA2 reveal looks good, and I hope that sprite can really deliver their promise to develop EXTRA2 later.
  • I'm not quite look forward to Kiminozo because I found that it need a bit of contrivance to allow the main conflict to happen even with the fact that the seed is already there, and that the possibility of WA2 will have full translation patch at next year sort of drown the hype of Kiminozo to me. That said, good job for age to finally ready to release their past Magnum Opus that didn't related to robot and scary alien.
  • Good luck on Akagoei translation team I suppose, and hopefully we can have the trilogy fully translated if only for Kinugasa's fans who've been waiting for this.
  • Mangagamer's announcements did have a lot of passion, and to me Sakuramori is more interesting than those three announcements. I sort of look forward to Wanting Wings that'll be released at 19th later, because apparently it got some good writing.
  • Some of SaDistic BlooD scenes are indeed quite disturbing, and not to mention that the graphic is very good which mean the artist can really draw the disturbing scenes very well.
  • Apparently Wanko of Marriage have some problematic translation, although I didn't find the VN is interesting so whatever.
  • Curse of Kudan has good graphic, and with this we have almost all of Sukera VNs being translated after Oshirabu and Amrilato (Curse of Kudan here is also GL VNs just like those two). In case you like Flowers tetralogy or Nana's route from Yumeutsutsu you may find Curse of Kudan interesting because it's been written by same person.

I guess that's all for what I can comment for October news and sorry if I'm a little frank there. Also my condolence to Salamandra_88 who turned out to be the death victim of current pandemic.

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