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I wonder if I could implement the missing features on my own, I'm bored and I've messed with kirikiri on a basic level before... maybe I'll try lol

I think being unable to replay voiced lines from backlog and the transparency ones look the easiest, the rest seems trickier but idk hmm

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I'm really loving the game so far, but the no-voice-repeat thing is actually quite annoying for another reason:

There seem to be a bunch of places in the game where what was one 'line' in the original, was split into two.  But if I don't let the voice line finish, when I click to read the rest of it the VA gets cut off.  And I can't get it to replay.  And it won't replay from the backlog.

Given how inexpensive the game is, I'm not really expecting a fix for this issue.  But it is definitely pretty irritating.

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