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Do Not Love - Violators Will Be Shot [BxG] [Dystopia/Romance][Demo]

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Play the Demo Here || Discord || Twitter

Fifteen years ago, a fatal and near untraceable disease was discovered with the deaths of six children in Manila. After finding out that the disease is only transferable through skin contact, the city is shut off from the world, until a cure could be found.

 Now in present day, twenty-three year old Jericho survives by being an intimus - someone who sells human touch inside the walls of the Neo-Manila QZ. Though the crime is considered punishable by death, both police and citizens have come to accept them as part of "normal" life. 

 That is, until a new chief inspector is put into position, who’s determined to rid the streets of intimus once and for all. 

 Now Jericho, deprived of clients, is starving. And the decisions he will make will determine if he dies by the end of the day, continue being a survivor...

Or maybe, show him something that's thought impossible in Neo-Manila : love.


  • Demo is now available!
  • 28k Words
  • Est. playtime : 30m - 2hr, depending on level of completionist
  • 10 Bad Endings, 3 Good Endings
  • Can you find the secret easter egg ending?


dystopia, romance, action












About Us

Writer/Programmer/Director: Chaironiichan
Character Design: JodTheCod
Promotional Art: Hooleeyah
Music: Chan Walrus, Mattesar, Geoff Harvey and Chris Martyn (purple-planet.com), Eric Matyas (soundimage.org)


We'd really appreciate any feedback you could provide. If you have the free time...
1. Did you like the story? Disliked it?
2. Favorite route/part? Least favorite?
3. Did you find the secret easter egg ending?


Thanks for checking our project out!

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