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  1. Technically the first visual novels I've ever read were the Ace Attorney series (started with the third one cause I was a big baller), but I didn't know what visual novels were at the time. My first "dating sim" would be some Naruto flash game where you play as Sakura. No idea it had H-scenes either. And the real first "visual novel" would be, surprise surprise, Katawa Shoujo. Read it completely blind.
  2. Thoughts on vn's with gameplay?

    I like gameplay if it integrates with the story in some way, rather than feeling tacked on. So far I haven't had any horrible experiences with VNs with gameplay yet (standouts are Ace Attorney, Analogue, the weird minigame in F H/A) The only one I found annoying was 999 on the DS, but that's mostly cause repeating the same rooms due to only having one save slot got tedious
  3. Who are some good characters who got disappointing routes?

    Tohsaka Rin's route, Unlimited Blade Works. Don't get me wrong, it's epic and intense and action-packed. But, in a romantic sense? Rin was boring and disappointing. Which is a shame since she's one of my favorite characters in Fate What makes it worse too is Rin is so good in the Fate and Heaven's Feel routes. It's only in her route does she get snubbed, ironically.
  4. Hello, minna!

    And thanks @DarkZedge, @Kawasumi, @HMN, @VirginSmasher, @Andromis, @littleshogun, and @arosia for the very warm welcome! Hope I didn't miss anyone
  5. Hello, minna!

    you know of my project! Thank you so much! My favorite visual novel right now is Fate/Stay Night xD I'll have to admit I'm not as well read as I should be though I fell in love with the characters from F S/N, but the VN in itself is a bit sad. That's why I'm enjoying my time with Fate Hollow right now! It is a tad bit confusing though, and I actually paused in the part where Shirou takes Saber to school. It killed me ;~;
  6. Hello, minna!

    It's the next on the read list tbh im holding it off because there's still a small hope in me saying that the remake will be just around the corner, right next to Haf Life 3 or something
  7. Hello, minna!

    Thanks McDerp! My emoticon game has just gone way up
  8. Hello, minna!

    Thanks McDerp! If I could ask, that's the second time I saw that emote is there a place I could check out to find the emotes available for fuwa? And thanks for your encouragement! I'll probably make a post on the development board when I have something good to showcase!
  9. Hello, minna!

    I've been lurking a while over here too, just decided to go ahead and make my account Thanks for the greetings, wei!
  10. Hello, minna!

    It's a pun for me, it could be read as (chair)(oniichan), which is, of course, "big brother chair" OR! it could be read as (chairo)(niichan) which means "brown big brother" That's why my profile picture is a brown chair! ...After typing it out, I realized it makes no sense, but that's how it is, honestly
  11. I'm a very subjective person, I have biases that makes me sometimes likes objectively bad VNs, or hate good ones Essentially, if a VN tugs my heartstrings in some way, has ear-wormy, memorable music, gets meta sometimes, or has elite h scenes, I'd probably look at it fondly in the future
  12. Hello, minna!

    My name is Chaironiichan! I'm a writer by trade, so my past-time happens to be reading xD it's a good thing visual novels are perfect for that! I'm currently reading Fate Hollow/Ataraxia, Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort, To Love 2, Grisaia no Kaijitsu and playing Mass Effect I really need to master finishing stuff D: I'm also writing for NaNoReNo, for a project called Do Not Love - Violators Will Be Shot. Feel free to ask me anything about myself, about the project I'm working on, or just drop by and say hello!