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  1. Watch the Trailer! >Support us today on Kickstarter!< We’ve always wanted to make a visual novel with an emphasis in hand-holding. In Do Not Love - Violators Will Be Shot, you play as an intimus - someone who sells illegal intimacy inside a city-wide quarantine zone. In a place where skin contact means death, all your choices define whether you perish, survive or maybe... Even find love. Please consider helping us raise funds to build the full version of Do Not Love - Violators Will Be Shot! Demo download links: Windows | Mac | Linux Demo also available on Itch.io! Ten years ago, six children in Manila are found dead from a gruesome disease. The pathogen, named instantaneous Nex Aneurysma, or iNA(def: 'Mother') for short, is a contagion found to be fatal, undetectable, and transferable only via human touch. After this discovery, the capital city of Manila is shut off from the world and Republic Act 51001 is passed. 'An act establishing the quarantine of the city of Manila, and the forbidding of skin contact between all citizens preventing further transmission of the iNA disease, to be enforced with whatever means necessary.' No intimacy. No physical connection. Violators shot on sight. Ten years have passed, and twenty-one year old Jericho survives by being an intimus - someone who sells human touch inside the Neo-Manilan walls. Though the crime is considered punishable by death, both police and citizens have come to accept him and intimi as part of "normal" life. Until one day, a new chief inspector comes into power, who’s determined to rid the streets of intimus once and for all. Now Jericho, hunted and starving, is faced with numerous decisions. Choices that will dictate whether he lives, dies... Or maybe, even find something he thought impossible in Neo-Manila - love. Once a former mercenary, Jericho now survives in Neo-Manila by being an intimus - someone who sells illegal hand-holding. However, when the new chief inspector declared the intimi public enemy no. 1, he finds himself hunted and starved in his own grounds. Help Jericho fight for his survival, and unravel the reason why he fights so hard to begin with. Carmen has been with Jericho since before the 'incident' began. From being mercenaries, to selling intimacy as intimus, it made logical sense to keep the winning formula together. Until one day, an offer too good to pass up lands on her lap. But they only want her... A heiress to old money, Mai has never known a life of hollowness and cold. In the world's largest quarantine zone, she lives in the lap of luxury, never needing to work nor want for anything. What else could she possibly desire? Reina is just an ordinary high-school girl. She follows all the school rules, observes the law to the letter, and does what she is told. She's just an ordinary high-school girl. Rising to replace the deceased Chief Inspector, Annabelle comes to power with one goal in mind - rid the streets of Neo-Manila from intimi once for all. Efficient, cunning, and merciless, it seems her goal is coming to fruition. She will take whatever lengths to achieve the peace in her city. --- Hi guys! Chaironiichan here. I wasn't sure how to update my previous post, so I'm not sure if I'm following the rules correctly If I'm not, I hope the mods could point me to the right way on how to go about things. Anyway, I just wanted to update the kind people of Fuwanovel who supported us before, that our project is now Live on Kickstarter! Woo-hoo! Get your own copy of DNL when the full game comes out, along with goodies like early access, the official artbook and OST, and even your own custom character! By pledging to our Kickstarter campaign, you can help us focus on this project full time while working on a living wage. The crowdfunding lasts until September 19, 12mn UTC, and certain tiers are limited! Come check us out and see what the people are calling, "the visual novel with the best hand-holding"! Support us today on Kickstarter!
  2. I'm really late but better than never I guess Thank you so much for 100+ downloads! It's amazing to see so many people come check our game out. We couldn't have done this without you! Play the Demo Here || Discord || Twitter
  3. Play the Demo Here || Discord || Twitter Fifteen years ago, a fatal and near untraceable disease was discovered with the deaths of six children in Manila. After finding out that the disease is only transferable through skin contact, the city is shut off from the world, until a cure could be found. Now in present day, twenty-three year old Jericho survives by being an intimus - someone who sells human touch inside the walls of the Neo-Manila QZ. Though the crime is considered punishable by death, both police and citizens have come to accept them as part of "normal" life. That is, until a new chief inspector is put into position, who’s determined to rid the streets of intimus once and for all. Now Jericho, deprived of clients, is starving. And the decisions he will make will determine if he dies by the end of the day, continue being a survivor... Or maybe, show him something that's thought impossible in Neo-Manila : love. Features Demo is now available! 28k Words Est. playtime : 30m - 2hr, depending on level of completionist 10 Bad Endings, 3 Good Endings Can you find the secret easter egg ending? Genre dystopia, romance, action Rating Teen Characters Screenshots About Us Writer/Programmer/Director: Chaironiichan Character Design: JodTheCod Promotional Art: Hooleeyah Music: Chan Walrus, Mattesar, Geoff Harvey and Chris Martyn (purple-planet.com), Eric Matyas (soundimage.org) We'd really appreciate any feedback you could provide. If you have the free time... 1. Did you like the story? Disliked it? 2. Favorite route/part? Least favorite? 3. Did you find the secret easter egg ending? Thanks for checking our project out!
  4. Technically the first visual novels I've ever read were the Ace Attorney series (started with the third one cause I was a big baller), but I didn't know what visual novels were at the time. My first "dating sim" would be some Naruto flash game where you play as Sakura. No idea it had H-scenes either. And the real first "visual novel" would be, surprise surprise, Katawa Shoujo. Read it completely blind.
  5. I like gameplay if it integrates with the story in some way, rather than feeling tacked on. So far I haven't had any horrible experiences with VNs with gameplay yet (standouts are Ace Attorney, Analogue, the weird minigame in F H/A) The only one I found annoying was 999 on the DS, but that's mostly cause repeating the same rooms due to only having one save slot got tedious
  6. Tohsaka Rin's route, Unlimited Blade Works. Don't get me wrong, it's epic and intense and action-packed. But, in a romantic sense? Rin was boring and disappointing. Which is a shame since she's one of my favorite characters in Fate What makes it worse too is Rin is so good in the Fate and Heaven's Feel routes. It's only in her route does she get snubbed, ironically.
  7. And thanks @DarkZedge, @Kawasumi, @HMN, @VirginSmasher, @Andromis, @littleshogun, and @arosia for the very warm welcome! Hope I didn't miss anyone
  8. you know of my project! Thank you so much! My favorite visual novel right now is Fate/Stay Night xD I'll have to admit I'm not as well read as I should be though I fell in love with the characters from F S/N, but the VN in itself is a bit sad. That's why I'm enjoying my time with Fate Hollow right now! It is a tad bit confusing though, and I actually paused in the part where Shirou takes Saber to school. It killed me ;~;
  9. It's the next on the read list tbh im holding it off because there's still a small hope in me saying that the remake will be just around the corner, right next to Haf Life 3 or something
  10. Thanks McDerp! My emoticon game has just gone way up
  11. Thanks McDerp! If I could ask, that's the second time I saw that emote is there a place I could check out to find the emotes available for fuwa? And thanks for your encouragement! I'll probably make a post on the development board when I have something good to showcase!
  12. I've been lurking a while over here too, just decided to go ahead and make my account Thanks for the greetings, wei!
  13. It's a pun for me, it could be read as (chair)(oniichan), which is, of course, "big brother chair" OR! it could be read as (chairo)(niichan) which means "brown big brother" That's why my profile picture is a brown chair! ...After typing it out, I realized it makes no sense, but that's how it is, honestly
  14. I'm a very subjective person, I have biases that makes me sometimes likes objectively bad VNs, or hate good ones Essentially, if a VN tugs my heartstrings in some way, has ear-wormy, memorable music, gets meta sometimes, or has elite h scenes, I'd probably look at it fondly in the future
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