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I joined to ask for some recommendations. Your forum sure looks nice. 

Hmmm, I didn't know what avatar to use, so I took an image drawn recently by the artist of NieR Replicant... hopefully, they won't sue me. c_c Though, I really shouldn't be using the pic of such an innocent hero when I might be talking about some naughty or even disgusting things on here.... thoughts-thoughts...

My name is Rusolando... might need a friend. 

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4 hours ago, r0xm2n said:

Oh hiyo gozaiymasu ..... (I probably didn't spell that correctly) ..... (it's probably not morning where you are). :miyako:

Welcome to the forums!

Is it morning? It could be or it could be not. pu-pu-pu.


Thanks, love. <3


Welcome to our humble forums! Hope you'll have fun around here


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Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the belated greeting here. As for the recommendations, I don't know what kind of your type of VN but at least I knew that you've been looking for some strong woman heroine. Feel free to enjoy yourself here, and you can ask us if you need more help in the future.

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