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Similar VN to Newton to Ringo no Ki?


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Just finished reading it and really liked it especially the art. I'm just starting to read visual novel so i haven't read much but i really like this one. any vn with art like this? majikoi and this maybe a good example for type of art i liked. The story not need to be so good, as long as the art is good, i will go with it and please make sure it's on english. here is my list if you want to check it 
Thanks for any answer appreciated it.

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Yes, Princess Evangile has nice art.

If we're going by art quality, then I'd also recommend Konosora, Koirizo, Chrono Clock, Yoake, Fureraba, SakuSaku, KoiIro ... there are many good looking translated VNs. ToHeart2 is actually pretty good looking too.

I also absolutely loved the art in YU-NO (original, not remake), but YMMV in this case.

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Whether the art is good or not is quite subjective, so I couldn't say for certain that you'll like the art in my recommendations here. But still I want to recommends some VNs here, so let me try here. As for my recommendations here, I would say that both of Sanoba and Dracu Riot di have the good art, and so does Hoshiori (It's still in translation progess though, but I'm sure that you can get it in near future). Also I would like to recommend Suki Suki as well seeing that it'll be coming at 13th later, and perhaps I can say that HGB did have the good art as well even though the release date for that i still a bit uncertain. For the last recommendations here, I would recommend both of Maitetsu and Hapymaher, in which the former did have some trivia matter in regard of train and business. I hope that my recommendations here would be helpful to you.

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