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[Dropped] Baku Ane: I'll Squeeze it out, Little Brother Translation Project 18+

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It's been a while, huh?

Just here to say, this is very well still happening, and I even got a translator.

But I still need things like an image editor, for the menus to be legible, a Translation Checker, so that we can check how accurate the translation is, and a hacker, so that the edited images can be accepted by the VN.

I'm not asking for much, just what I wrote down.

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Well, since nobody's going to read this, I might as well say this:

It's over. I'm done.

I thought, that when I came into this forum, I would come in, say what I needed to, get to work. Then I learned "Machine Translation Bad!" And backed off from it. Then I tried to get a translator. And I did, and when I did, they said, one to two weeks, it'd be done! It's been two whole months, and they went silent on me an entire month ago! I even tried to get someone to edit the UI for me, but they couldn't do it, because the game would crash all the time if they even attempted. I even went out and got an editor, and we've done fuck-all since I've appointed them.

I'm sorry if I'm going off, if I'm raging, but I had a vision, and piece by smoldering piece, it all came crashing down before my very eyes. Because of this, I came into this unprepared, and it was basically just me when I started, I didn't have a team or any of that until well after I began this thread. I'm sorry it came to this, but maybe I should leave translations to the pros, and I should just sit back at read.

So, now, where do we go from here? Well... I scrapped all my projects, now and for the forseeable future, and basically cursed out people without naming names. But, I did manage to extract the scripts from what I wanted to extract, so it wasn't a total loss.

Related image
Here, take the scripts from MEEEEEE!

And with that, I'm done. May some other team find this VN and translate it.

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