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Devotion to ONE character (Kawana Misaki fandisc)

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Here it is friends 8):


The full entry:


I got this fandisc several years ago via an online auction. Chances are, it was originally produced for a Comiket from many years back. It makes me think, I wonder how often this sort of thing happens today? A fandisc over a single character, real life meet ups, sharing desktop accessories for fans to enjoy. It feels like such simple times, and I like that a lot.


I have never had a chance to attend a Comiket before. From the outside, the crowd looks intimidating, but when I browse through discs like these, it makes me think, yeah, I would like to attend at least once. We all know about the porn, but what is the atmosphere like? Happy to hear stories of Comiket and any other fandom stories that transcends the games.

Thank you!

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Her style reminds me of Key, is that related?

I still see a lot of fan devotion to some characters, but nowadays we have so many stories coming every month that it is almost impossible just to focus in one character. Usually I only get really attached to long-term anime characters, such as Pokémon's Ash's companions or book characters. These last are better because I can picture my best image of it while reading, so I will always fall in love for them.

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