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Hola Fuwanovel

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Hey All,

I have been reading visual novels for a bit and never really knew about this site. I would have continued in my ignorance if not for a post I read by Helvetica Standard, "How to code a VN with Ren'py, Part 1 (Comprehensive Guide)" which lead me to "So you want to create a Visual Novel..." by Diamon. I was mainly doing some digging for a friend who wants to create a VN after I suggested it. I doubt I will be bringing that up anytime soon as it's all pre-production and I was mainly looking to give him a sense of the framework he can use to make his work come alive. The two posts were very well written and had me running around the rest of the site lurking. In this short time, I found a ton of VNs that hadn't been on my radar so joining up seemed like a no brainer.

Just to put down a bit about myself. I am a web developer by day and MMO-addict by night. When I am not busy slaying whatever evil is trying to destroy a virtual world you can find my programming or learning something related to programming. I also love reading which is what lead me to VNs! VNs have exposed me to genres outside of my norm of Fantasy and Sci-fi which has in turn affected the types of books I pick up from time to time. To keep this short, as I can ramble about my interests for days, I also enjoy:

  • Fishing
  • Woodworking (Really basic stuff)
  • Anime
  • And most recently Nutrition and Exercise

:meguface: Looking forward to diving more into this community! :meguface:

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