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Describe Your Ideal Visual Novel


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Could you even think of how much work that will cost you? If you were to pay yourself, $2 per day for creating the script. Up to how much do you think would you reach? I see this ideal is set to high that companies will have a hard time to finish such a game. (+ The production will cost too high that the game will be deemed expensive by the time it's released. It will also have great chance to not even be made.)

Ideals are standards of perfection, reality has no place in such discussions ;) . It's something to aim at, that's all

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Ideals are standards of perfection, reality has no place in such discussions ;)/>/> . It's something to aim at, that's all

I know.. But, That just seemed to high for me...

I can't even imagine someone doing such a thing..

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  • 5 months later...

//A few months after 'em last post, I appear.
I'll just point out how the game can be created IF and only IF they can be made by collaboration of different companies.

For me, dis:
Key for the soundtracks, you can never go wrong with Maeda, Orito, Maiko, and Soshi.
For the story, there are many candidates, personally, I liked how Tanaka Romeo wrote Cross Channel, and how Tomo Kataoka did Narcissu2. Nitroplus can be good too (Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head).

Art: whoever did the art on Steins;Gate should do the art if the story comes from Nitroplus, all else: Pulltop (KonoSora), FVP (Hoshizora no Memoria), or Favorite(Grisaia no Kajitsu). Key can do the art too (something like Rewrite), if the story calls for it.

They can put H and All-ages versions (better if the H are separated, kinda like an after story)

Key styled heroines stereotypes are good, plus a Swan Song protag.

Pretty much sums up what I want to see in a VN. "____"

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Art: whoever did the art on Steins;Gate should do the art if the story comes from Nitroplus, all else: Pulltop (KonoSora), FVP (Hoshizora no Memoria), or Favorite(Grisaia no Kajitsu). Key can do the art too (something like Rewrite), if the story calls for it.

Favorite didnt make Grisaia, Front Wing did. FVP is probably some software Favorite uses.


Ideal VN = schboomer route, zhurai route, Aaeru route and some others. (All ages please)

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Ideals are fun.
So let's say we could develop an ideal reimagining of a real life town (or world because why not) with NPCs that have ideal AI that are nearly exactly like real people (without the more extreme undesirable traits).  Have that world go on for so long to basically randomize the inhabitants (reproduction would work because the world would be able to create new AI), societal state of the world (without those extreme undesirables), etc (or just make each individual detail however you want but I wouldn't really care about what doesn't involve me so I wouldn't).
Then let's choose a setting (be it a school, workplace, town, whatever that particular VN would need) and deem certain NPCs as key characters and fine tune them to what would be desired for the plot (and it wouldn't butterfly effect because ideal).  Everyone else would be an ordinary person (i.e. snowflakes).
For the plot, we would set the pieces for what we would like to happen.  Protagonist is going to determine how the pieces fall.
The protagonist will generally be whatever the player wants them to be (which will make work the "I want this but I can't really explain what this is" because ideal) within limits(which will feel like "you can be practically anyone" because target audiences).
I'd like it to look very pretty.  Like, flowers and blue skies and rainbows and sunshine and smiles pretty ("I want this but I can't really explain what this is").  It would have realistic 3D models that are still distinctly...not-real, I guess.  You'd know it was a game or something by looking at it.
The plot would have an ideal path that could be followed with infinite branches depending on player interaction (interactions>choices) that doesn't turn into an absolute mess because ideal.
Gameplay would generally be the same as most VNs if you follow the ideal route, though mostly everything you say can be modified within limits (which would feel like "you can say practically anything" because target audiences and ideal).  Instances where you couldn't necessarily change much involve disorientation of protagonist and similar situations.  Events, conversation, or whatever you'd like to call it will have control of the protagonist extremely limited, though such limits could be broken depending on what is said during conversation or if you feel like just walking away mid conversation.  When you are not in conversation, you'll be able move around the world and do things/go places within limits (invisible walls because when you can't go somewhere, you can't go there).  You could trigger side events, alternate main events, or just goof around; a guideline on what should be done for the ideal route would be given.  During traveling or dull moments time could be skipped.
If the setting is more fantastic or the plot involves the protagonist being more active, there could be segments that feel like a traditional game, but they would be infrequent, to the point, and without difficulty.  Players would be able to decide how to proceed and what to do in such situations within limits (because limits), or watch an ideal playthrough.
After the ending (which there would be one because ideally structured plots don't fall apart) which brings closure, "life" would continue endlessly without any heavy structure.  But the invisible walls stay, albeit less prominent.
This would be made to "entertain".  Nothing particularly deep or heavy.  No, "I can do anything, but does that even mean anything?"

Not gonna proofread.  Don't wanna.
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My ideal would honestly be a mashup of Aselia the Eternal, Muv-luv Alternative, and Duel Savior. I love the RPG gameplay and characters from Aselia, the drama and themes from Muv-luv Alternative were top-notch, and the sheer raunchiness of some of the stuff in Duel Savior was off the charts, though I usually prefer a more tasteful flavor for my erotic content.


To sum:

  • A game with a diverse cast of main characters
  • high-drama and intriguing plot
  • tasteful, erotic content
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An ideal VN for me is:

Good girls '3'

but a VARIETY of heroines '3'

Good music '3'

High dama and awesome plot like what he said^

yes,tasteful,erotic content too :3 (well.... many of us are still virgins ~)

and ... good voice actors ....



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My ideal VN would be something with

  • great gameplay,
  • epic story,
  • beliveable, conflicting main characters,
  • plot twists around every corner,
  • and a fantasy setting (most important for me, but optional if all of the above is inside)


Or I would force Eushully to make remakes of their older games xD Those guys are nigh perfect but all the H seriously destroys the story for me...So all ages remakes of their old games or something like that XD


A story like Eien no Aselia with the battle system of Seinarukana would be as acceptable.

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My ideal visual novel is emotionally engaging. When something bad happens to a character, I want to feel genuine sadness or anger, and not just pity or frustration. If something good happens to a character, I want to feel genuinely happy for them, not happy because I got a "Good End". If two characters fall in love, I want to feel like saying "D'aww!", not "Aw yeah, H-Scenes ahoy!". And I want those moments to leave an impact on me.


Everything else (gameplay, story, setting) is just a bonus.

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This is a lot of fun to think about :D Here's my criteria for my 'ideal' game:
  • MOST IMPORTANT: A game that isn't clear-cut from the start. Not necessarily a genre-shift, but something where you don't actually know what will happen, or who will end up together. For example, there is the possibility of a yaoi route, or of two of the heroines falling for each other, or of the protagonist dying halfway through - nothing is off limits!
  • Genre should be horror, mystery, psychological, utsuge or nakige.
  • Not too much comedy, and nothing slapstick.
  • Relationships develop believably.
  • No childish, deredere characters.
  • No loser protagonists, please.
  • It's probably too much to ask, but more believable H-scene voice acting where the girl doesn't sound like a cross between a baby and a strangled cat.
  • Beauuuutiful artwork with detailed backgrounds.
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Hard to say as the things I would change might not end up being the best thing in the end.

I was thinking about Hoshimemo where I can go for Mare from the start and is also EH fandisc in one game - but then again the stories of other characters build the story for Mare as character and are necessary there.

So I guess Hoshimemo would be the ideal VN for me if it was connected to EH Mare AS in the first game and translated straight away.

And maybe if Komomo was a loli and Asuho pettanko.

I would leave Kosame big boobed as it fits her well.

And then Fandisc would be even more stuff with Mare.

And new chapter every day with new activities and all that, like one day we would visit Paris, next day we would be in Korea cheering on the best SC2 progamers together with Mare, another day on Animelo in Japan, then some conventions. Then we would take shower together.

Then relax in hot springs together, in Japan or they are in Iceland too. Some good dinner one day. Also next day we could cook together. Then I would teach her how to play games too, hold her like this: http://s.vndb.org/sf/99/38499.jpg

And lot of other activities

And all that would be in some VR mode where I would be controlling it with brain and my brain would be getting data back to simulate exactly what is happening in the VR.

Ahh there you go, you get portion of my fantasies that I have on daily basis xD


I failed to come up with anything better than Steve´s ideal VN,it´s too perfect.

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