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Monochrome Rainbow

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I recently came up with an interesting idea for a story. By recently, I mean yesterday in about twenty seconds. It came out of nowhere, but I've been watching a lot of different sorts of anime lately, and I guess I just got inspired out of nowhere.

Anyway, I'm thinking it'd be named something like Monochrome Rainbow. The story focuses on a guy between highschool/college age who suffers from monochromancy (color-blindness) and can only see in black, gray, and white. This stems from the major trauma he experienced after a school bus accident caused the deaths of his friends and other students in his class. The headaches he got from skeletal damage increased, and this, mixing with his trauma, affected the way his brain perceived color - eventually eliminating it completely.
However, in a very anime way of course, a girl eventually comes into his life. This girl is very bright and and cheerful, and to top it all off, she's completely colorful in the protag's vision. This strange phenomenon surprises him, and he is compelled to find out more about this girl and why, in the monochrome rainbow of his mind, she is full of color. Throughout the story, the protagonist would be dragged along with this girl and the two would explore the world around them. Slowly, but surely, the positive influence the girl has on him restores the protagonist's ability to see color. Of course, positive events wouldn't be all the story has, and I actually have some ideas that add a dark reason as to why the girl is so happy-go-lucky. I was also thinking that there could be other girls that the protagonist runs into, and he could help them overcome their own problems, and when he did so, their colors would become visible to him as well - thus opening other possible routes or something.

I dunno. Like I said, I came up with the idea as is very quickly so I have a long ways to go with this thing - mostly accounting for the fact that I'm currently working on another project, but I think this idea is one that I want to work with in the future. Just thought I'd share. Not really looking for critques or anything.

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It's a cute idea. I can see where you're going with it and find it really charming. I know you aren't explicitly looking for critiques, so I'll keep this short, but if you ever did pursue something like this I would advise you to be careful and do plenty of research on the condition of colour-blindness itself, even if the exact details behind his loss of colour vision and subsequent recovery are mostly fantastical.

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