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  1. The Cycle of Magic - A Prelude is a free to play Original Visual Novel with a fantasy setting. It was originally meant to be a project submitted to the Summer Novel Festival a year ago, and therefore neither involves money or will surpass a play-length of two hours. The protagonist is Zevair - a tall, imposing demon male who is the last of his kind after a mass exodus that followed the supposed death of the magical energy that once flowed through the land. Players will follow Zevair on a small, yet integral part of his journey, where he is asked to find the young granddaughter of an old woman who had been attacked by the girl's kidnapper. In the "New World" where Zevair is feared and judged simply for his appearance by the youthful humanity, Zevair will discover that not all is at it seems, for there is a mystery to the girl, and a connection that neither of them dared believe real. As it stands, the character sprites are complete. There are only three integral characters in the story: Zevair, the girl, and Zevair's mother, who plays a small, yet important part of the story. This is Zevair - the protagonist of this short story. Despite his tall and imposing stature, Zevair is quite a stand-up fellow, and does what he can to help the people he comes across, even if they're never grateful and try to drive him away. Ten years of solitude have eaten away at his spirits, but he continues to drive forward regardless. This is Zevair's mother - Jezela. She has a superiority complex towards humanity, and considers them to be naught but insects. Very hoity toity and proud, Jezela was once much warmer as a mother than she ended up in the end. This is the girl who Zevair must rescue. About ten years of age. The above artwork is done by akkalime. You can see some more of her work HERE In regards to required assets, I am still in need of an individual willing to work on three to five musical numbers that have an overall genre of mystical fantasy. One song in particular is extra important, and is a lullaby. I already have the melody and lyrics I wish to use, I simply need someone who can bring it to life. Details of the needed assets can be provided upon inquiry. I am also in need of someone who can make a project logo. It doesn't have to be super amazing, but still be decent for the sake of clarity and fitting the overall feel of the project. I hope that this project can be completed and brought to those who enjoy visual novels, and I intend to work on a larger project in the future that will continue this world's story. If you think you'd be willing to help bring this story to life, please let me know. As I said before, this is a free, noncommercial project, so I hope to get any assistance possible. I hope you find this project interesting, and will follow with the production as it comes along, however slowly. Thank you.
  2. Well, omitting cheerfulness would completely ruin the entire concept I envision. Then it's just a story about a guy who can't see colors and goes about life in a literal gray haze.
  3. I like to portray characters who overcome a struggle - be it mental/physical/etc. I think that makes them seem more human.
  4. I recently came up with an interesting idea for a story. By recently, I mean yesterday in about twenty seconds. It came out of nowhere, but I've been watching a lot of different sorts of anime lately, and I guess I just got inspired out of nowhere.Anyway, I'm thinking it'd be named something like Monochrome Rainbow. The story focuses on a guy between highschool/college age who suffers from monochromancy (color-blindness) and can only see in black, gray, and white. This stems from the major trauma he experienced after a school bus accident caused the deaths of his friends and other students in his class. The headaches he got from skeletal damage increased, and this, mixing with his trauma, affected the way his brain perceived color - eventually eliminating it completely.However, in a very anime way of course, a girl eventually comes into his life. This girl is very bright and and cheerful, and to top it all off, she's completely colorful in the protag's vision. This strange phenomenon surprises him, and he is compelled to find out more about this girl and why, in the monochrome rainbow of his mind, she is full of color. Throughout the story, the protagonist would be dragged along with this girl and the two would explore the world around them. Slowly, but surely, the positive influence the girl has on him restores the protagonist's ability to see color. Of course, positive events wouldn't be all the story has, and I actually have some ideas that add a dark reason as to why the girl is so happy-go-lucky. I was also thinking that there could be other girls that the protagonist runs into, and he could help them overcome their own problems, and when he did so, their colors would become visible to him as well - thus opening other possible routes or something.I dunno. Like I said, I came up with the idea as is very quickly so I have a long ways to go with this thing - mostly accounting for the fact that I'm currently working on another project, but I think this idea is one that I want to work with in the future. Just thought I'd share. Not really looking for critques or anything.
  5. Hey guys. It's been a long time since I last posted anything here. I had lost my artist, and then a couple more... then it took me a while to find another one. But now I've got one and at this point in time, all I need for my small FREE project is the art (have an artist that'll start later this month), a finished script (I'll work on it closer to completion) and a music composer who can do mystical lullaby type music. Of course, this project is free. It was started back during SuNoFes, but due to many hiccups, I was unable to finish it during SuNoFes. However, as it was started during the time of SuNoFes, I would like to try to keep the "No Money Involved" part of SuNoFes Projects alive. If you are a composer who thinks they can pull off what I need (I have a basic tune for the first verse down... I'd need help coming up with the rest if you're okay with that. Same with some lyrics but I can do those myself if necessary) and are totally fine making a song for fun, please let me know. Thank you. If you would like some information on this project, I can provide you the summary of the story via PM or whatever.
  6. If I knew how to read Kanji, I'd help. I only know the Kanas, sadly. And then, i don't really know the general format of Japanese Songwriting.
  7. よろしくおねがいします。
  8. I think that would be pretty awesome
  9. Posted the first bits of a script. It's not the final draft of those parts, though. I can see a couple spots where I could put a bit more in.
  10. I'm currently working on some script so that I have something to show. I'm liking it so far.
  11. Yeah. I get that. I just find it easier to get into writing a story if I have visuals to go on. Because I can see my characters brought to life and that makes it easier for me. But, I'll try writing a good amount. It'd also be nice to find someone from Japan who could give me advice and information about different aspects of Japanese Culture and stuff. I know a fair bit already, but more is always good.
  12. Hey guys. Been a while since I posted on here, but I have a lovely new idea I want to chuck at you guys. So, basically, this Visual Novel would be a story that has a Female Protagonist. Motherhood tells the story of Sayoko Koizumi - a high school senior who lives in the fictional city of Sakishima (no relation to the archipelago). Sayoko has recently learned that she is expecting a child - the result of a night spent with her boyfriend, Ryuuji. Later that same day, Sayoko tells Ryuuji the news, and, after feigning excitement, Ryuuji disappears the next day. Left heartbroken, Sayoko must learn what it takes to be a mother, and prepare herself for the day she has her child to take care of. As she struggles to balance finishing school with motherhood preparations and her social life, Sayoko is tested in her resolve and emotional endurance. With the support of her friends and family, Sayoko's story unfolds to tell a tale of a young mother's unconditional love to her unborn child. However, not all is as it seems, and Sayoko will find herself dealing with situations she didn't think she'd be a part of, and she will discover just how far she is willing to go to provide. On top of that, a broken heart needs healing, and romance is a possibility; whether or not it will be a ray of hope, or just another stressful situation is another story. On the subject of romance, this project would be LGBTQ+ Positive, and offer both Male and Female Romantic Options for the sake of a fulfilling and varied story. I haven't gotten very far into the idea yet, and it's very new, but I love it already. This story stems from the situation that my best friend currently finds herself in. While she is not in high school anymore, she IS pregnant, and is having a hard time adjusting. Her husband (also a good friend) came to me with the idea to build a story for a Visual Novel or what have you. They are both avid fans of anime and visual novels and manga and stuff, so I agreed to come up with something. The husband can't actually participate directly due to work and having to deal with his new situation, and the project is meant to be a surprise for his wife. It would be a Free Project, not commercialized, and dedicated to my friend; it is meant to give her inspiration and confidence because much of what she is going through would be felt by Sayoko as well. I am worried because I have no means of paying for commissions to get what I need to work on this project. I would hope that I could find people willing to partner up with me and work on the project. I would of course intend to do a Kickstarter at some point, however, so if it succeeds, compensation would be plausible and very well deserved. If anyone would be interested in helping me developing this story more, or providing assistance in some other way (such as offering artistic services or composition), that would be greatly appreciated. If you want to work on a heartfelt, beautiful story that tells the tale of a Girl who is in a very rare and troubling situation in Japan (Japan has the lowest rate of childbirths in mothers between ages 15 and 19), or require more information on the plot and other stuff, then PM me, and I will answer ASAP. This project idea is close to my heart, just as who this is for is. To make this a reality would mean the world to all involved, and I thank you for your time. Here is a link to the first bit of the script that I have written for this project. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_bZ3WVmbhhucC1qMlBUeW84Vzg Note that it is subject to change, and is not the final draft. Noticed a few typos, but like I said - not the final draft
  13. MelowMelow! Cute drawing stuffs :3 I still need to get back to you on the Chibi Cow Girl you said you'd do for me q.q I keep missing you >.<
  14. All I really have is a 4 year old 4000 word long post I'd done on a story-focused roleplay site. I've been told it's good, but it's radically different to what I'm trying to write in this script. Lol.
  15. sorry if double posting isn't allowed, but I didn't want to make another entire thread for this update. We've gotten a bit of work done. We have about "15 minutes" of script for a future demo, and a couple sprites and CGs in progress. We don't have a lot of traffic in our tumblr or twitter, but I hope that that will change soon. I really want to bring a project to you guys that you'll enjoy C: My whole team does.
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