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Found 4 results

  1. So like I said in the "What are you playing now?" thread I said I would heading over here to hear Fuwans out for recommendations. Now let's cut to the chase, basically I was thinking at first to jump right into Comyu, however I'm now craving games like Grisaia, in that the MC, and possibly all the heroines, have a dark past, sometimes very dark, and that the MCs past might overwhelm that of the heroines, while being able to make the character a "proactive" one if you may call it that. Good examples would be, Yuuji from Grisaia, Kenichi from Sharin no Kuni and perhaps Kyousuke from G-Senjou no Maou. Well, before someone says that me not playing Clannad or the muv-luv series is a sin, I just don't feel like playing them right now. Ok, now that that is out of the way feel free to see what games I finished to prevent suggestions to games I already played. http://vndb.org/u66964/list?c=all;v=0;t=2 Thanks in advance to all people who reply. P.S. - Now I'm going to bed(it's frigging 3 am) so I will only see the replies in 10 hours or so.
  2. I'm bored and want to follow the crowd so lets do this!
  3. 3000 posts. That is a lot, I shouldn't really be proud of posting so much and start worrying about my life but I'll procrastinate for a while longer. I've been meaning to write something like this back in my 1000th and 2000th post but I literally just forgot about it, guess it wasn't as important as back then as it is now. (Though someone else actually made a thread for my 1000th post). I feel like I've come to a point where I really wanted to write something like this so even if there weren't 3000 posts I'd still eventually write it. I hope you care enough to stick through this text, though it's not really a requirement but I appreciate your effort. I wanted to write a bit about my life and Fuwanovel, just to give you some form of context, and also because I really like this community and feel like some people might not know me that well so this will probably give you a better prespective on who I am (or at least what I did). You all know me here as Nosebleed, I'd still like it to keep it that way despite not really having any complexes with giving my name away but I feel like this username is a separate identity for me and to give away my real name would somewhat shatter that (maybe?), but I'll give you a hint, my real first name has two R's in it, hope that's something. I am 18 years old and live in Portugal in a rather small town in the middle of nowhere, despite it being small and quiet it's still a nice place to live in and I have no real issues with it aside from slow internet speed. I still live with my parents as well as my younger sister as pretty much a shut-in, I rarely go out unless I am forced to and I try to live my life with as less effort as possible. Last year I graduated highschool, however due to failing my math exam I was not eligible to enter college and thus I've been staying home since then. When I graduated I still was unsure about what I wanted to pursue as my career, I got into highschool not really having any "dream job". All I knew is that I liked learning languages and I liked biology a lot during middle school (English being my strongest subject and biology being my 2nd strongest). I wanted to pursue a language course in highschool and learn new things but since I wasn't sure of what I'd do after with that course I decided to enter a science course due to it having more career path choices as well as an english subject in it. I liked the course and got decent grades, didn't fail any subject in particular (though some had pretty bad grades but not bad enough I'd fail), however even by the end of my senior year I still did not know what to do for a career, all I knew is that it could be something related to biology but I never exactly felt connected to any of the job types I was presented and thus I ended up finishing highschool and still not knowing what to do with my life. Then came my math exam (along other exams), I knew I needed this exam to enter any college regardless of my choice since any biology related college course requires the math exam. However I ended up failing the exam, I was 10 points short from the minimum required and thus couldn't apply for college. After that I was obviously really dejected and my parents weren't really proud of me but since I still didn't know what to do with my life I just told them I'd try again next year and so that's what I set myself up for, I started taking supplementary math classes to repeat my final exam, however midway through them I didn't feel any passion, I started having thoughts like "Can I really do it?" and "What's the point if it's not something i seriously want?" and I started slacking off math classes, my life had pretty must lost direction and I was just going along with the flow of things without really having any opinion of my own on stuff. Amidst this messy situation in my life is when I first joined Fuwanovel. Now how did I get here. I started getting into anime in 2012, I was browsing my TV and found some anime channels and being a 16 year old hormonal teenager, as soon as I discovered there was a genre called ecchi and tried it out, it was like the best thing in the world. It started with Highschool DxD, but then obviously I started getting into other anime and searching for stuff on my own and now my tastes have changed a lot, despite still liking ecchi I enjoy a whole plethora of other genres. In 2013 I started watching Little Busters the anime (while it was only about 14 eps in), I actually really enjoyed the characters in it but was rather disappointed at the lack of romance, that's when I discovered it was an adaptation of a visual novel. At the time I wasn't really sure what that was but I read on wikipedia about it and found out in this visual novel you could actually get romantically involved with one of the main heroines and this of course got me really thrilled since I loved Kud a lot back then (and still do though back at that time I called her my waifu even. Don't hate me Flutterz pl0x) and so I got myself a copy of Little Busters EX with the patch (thinking i'd get some H-scenes though later I found out there wasn't really any H-content which kind of saddened me but I kept going nonetheless) and I absolutely loved it. I played it hours and hours straight until I got to the very end and I even cried. I had never thought a visual novel could be such an amazing thing. After that I found out about Katawa Shoujo while browsing the enlightening lands of 4chan and also tried it and loved it as well. I wanted to try more of these amazing romances that made my heart ache but at the same time gave me a thrilling experience. Then I found out about Hoshizora no Memoria and I discovered this site. I downloaded Hoshimemo from here and played it and loved it just as much as LB, I started using this site often and then at one point I wanted recommendations and didn't really know where to go to ask for this type of stuff and where to discuss visual novels, that's when I joined the forums back in September last year. I felt welcomed here and I felt like I could meet a lot of great people and have a great time discussing a bunch of stuff I love. Waking up and coming online here was something I started doing regularly, it put a smile on my face every time I talked to users here. I felt appreciated and I felt like I existed for some purpose. As you can tell I started posting a lot and very often.. very very often. It didn't take long until I became the top poster on fuwa, surpassing boomer, around 3-4 months in. It was also back in December that one of the major things here for me happened. I was messaged and asked to join VNAer as an author. This was for me one of the biggest milestones at the time, I never would have thought someone would actually see me as capable of helping on one of the things in the front page. I obviously accepted at the time and I still am an author in the blog, though not as active, but it's something I really do like to help with. At the same time I was also made admin in our official Facebook page which I still work on along with batman and ryou and it's something I'm very thankful to be put in charge of. And as if this wasn't enough, in late January this year, Tay messages me saying I've been selected as member of the month. I couldn't even believe my eyes. Although this feature has been gone for a while and only 3 people were in it, I am extremly grateful to have been selected as member of the month and given such a high praise for being who I am here. But one of the biggest milestones was when in early March Steve dropped this PM in my inbox asking me to be part of the fuwa staff as a moderator. I literally jumped off my chair at that moment, trying to really check if this was happening, and it sure was. Since then I've been part of the fuwa staff and I'm really grateful that they accepted me as such and I try my best every single day to help around fuwa in every way I can. In just about 6 months my role here grew from a complete stranger to being part of the staff. When I put things into prespective like that it really makes me realis these last 6 months weren't just a waste of time, it was and still is worth every bit of time I put into the fuwa community and site and I really do want to continue here being as active as possible and helping as much as possible. So this brings me to the fundamental point of this post, how do my real life situation and my fuwanovel life collide. Well that's because, early this year when I was feeling hopeless and didn't know what to do with my career, meru started this thread about Japan and how she managed to go to college to pursue Japanese and then ended up moving to Japan. This thread really sparked something inside me, as I kept reading it I felt like it was something I could really relate with and it could be something I will like if I tried. So around March I decided to search around the colleges here and found out there does indeed exist a course here in one of the colleges that teaches Japanese alongside other subjects like Japanese culture, history, asian economy, etc. Due to my love of languages and my love for anime and the japanese culture I really did feel like this is something I could aim for and like, I had never felt this way about a career path before and for the first time in my life i said "This is what I want to do for a living". I talked to my parents about it and they were rather accepting though when I told them I wanted to drop math entirely they were somewhat dubious but they still let me do what I wanted to do in this regard. And so I decided to drop math supplementary classes and focus on trying to learn geography since that's the required entrance exam for college. However learning a subject when you never had it in your life is pretty difficult and so things are looking grim this year since the exam is coming up in June so there's a high chance I won't pass. That and since I'm from a science course and not a language course, my average is rather low when compared to language course students so I need to really make up for my poorer grades with the exam. And this is where my life is at now. I'm trying to pursue Japanese in college and for that I need to pass this one exam with a rather high mark in order to enter. And all this would not be possible without Fuwanovel. But it's not only because Fuwanovel gave me a path that I want to follow it, I want to follow it also because I want to give back to Fuwanovel everything the community gave to me. And wether or not I manage to enter college this year I won't regret my decisions and I'll keep trying harder next year! Life direciton and meaning were things I did not have some months ago, but because of this community and the people here I was able to stand back up and find something I want to do, a place where I feel like I belong, and a reason to wake up every morning with a smile and not a frown. And it's because of all this that this is mostly a thank you post. Thank you Fuwanovel community for giving me such a wonderful opportunity and making me feel like my existence matters here. Thank you for being as helpful as possible no matter what the situation. Thank you for being who you are and always stay like that, because this is what makes Fuwanovel the best community on the internet and one I want to be part of for as long as possible. I know this is just one single post and I might not be the best at writing stuff like this but I tried my best. I hope you can continue putting up with me for many months and years to come. So yeah, I guess.. T-thank you. And now for some specific people I wanted to mention before finishing this. First paragraph and one I promised I'd write is obviously for Kaguya, not only did she welcome me in her faction in its first stage but now for being like my other half and the person who gets most of my attention and love, even above Shinobu. She's also someone I look up to and I hope one day we can dominate the world together <3 I also want to dedicate one paragraph to KNIGHT, formerly known as Kaguya Faction, for being the first group of people to recruit me. Because of this group, even if the forums wasn't as active I knew that in this group PM even the most random of topics could generate a conversation (and it certainly did..) and obviously I am very proud for being a member and one day we shall eventually take over fuwa, and then the world, it's only a matter of time. Another paragraph is for the osu thread, in particular the users in it, because now osu is pretty much the only video game I play and have a ton of fun playing and because of the people in it I have someone to multi with which is always fun when I am completely bored. Also related to the previous one is Maefdomn who's pretty much my choice player when it comes to playing multi on osu. He's also fun to pester on Skype. And we have many great moments together as well. There's also Down who's someone I always look for when I need new anime, Down's recommendations rarely let me down so thank you for everything! I'd like to thank Steve for thinking I'm worthy enough of being part of the staff as well as the rest of the staff for accepting me. I'll do my best to become the Eiffel Tower! And although she's not active now I wanted to thank Mayumi for giving me the first ever major role on fuwa which meant and still does mean a lot to me. If you're not mentioned in these paragraphs it doesn't mean I don't like you or appreciate you it's just that I don't really have anything in specific I want to mention (or can remember now), but if I really did forget someone important do comment about it because I'm kind of tired from writing all this. And that is all, thank you if you read everything here and if you gave up halfway it's still okay, I appreciate the effort, and stay awesome! にこにこにい
  4. LINKED ORGANIZED LIBRARY INTERCONNECTION SYSTEM for Fuwanovel (aka LOLIS for Fuwanovel) What is LOLIS for Fuwanovel? Well let me explain: Only portion of the people visiting Fuwanovel website are then registering on the forums, why limit the guide only to them and not include all users of Fuwanovel website. LOLIS would allow common users of Fuwanovel website to see what VNs were liked by people who also liked the VN they just finished, as well as recommendations from the page of VN they liked. __________________________________ How would it work? I imagine it like this: You would use your Fuwanovel forum login (that would be necessary to prevent spam and misuse like in the case of the comment box). And then: 1. you would be able to mark VNs you liked from those that have a listing on the website. 2. you would be able to create a 'link' between 2 VNs about which you would recommend if one was liked 3. you would be able to vote if you agree or disagree with 'link' created by another registered member __________________________________ So what would it look like in the end? For example: You come to a listing of Rewrite and you would see: 74 people like this game (show list) 35 people who liked this game also like Little Busters (show list) 12 people who liked this game also like Wanko to Kurasou (show list) 17 people (85%) (show list) would recommend Little Busters if you liked Rewrite, 3 people (15%) (show list) disagree. 12 people (75%) (show list) would recommend Hoshizora no Memoria if you liked Rewrite, 4 people (25%) (show list) disagree. the names in the list would be clickable and just linked to a single page like lolis.fuwanovel.net/Steve where you could see likes with links (preferably with images) about what they liked on Fuwanovel, what recommendation links they created, what links they agree and disagree with and all that. __________________________________ Why is this better than having someone create the links and recommendations? Well its simple: More people will always produce more accurate result, if you leave it to only few people, they will select what they believe and that way people might miss on some VNs because of that. __________________________________ I know it wouldn't be easy, but it would be in my eyes the most effective solution that would most likely vastly reduce the repetition of identical recommendation requests and only leave the unique, more personal topics. Now I ask you, would you like to see LOLIS on Fuwanovel? disclaimer: I have no power to actually make this system nor do I have any say in Fuwanovel website administration, this is just an idea I just had and think would be cool
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