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Found 8 results

  1. Since some people here frequent the Teamspeak. I decided to make this thread. This is a place to share all of the stupid, funny, and humiliating things people say or write from Teamspeak. Please keep the quotes from the Teamspeak and have fun Both Teamspeak addresses in case any one was wondering Rens: ts3.fuwanovel.info Steves: ts.mare.moe
  2. I just have to say... After Effects is amazing! It's pretty hard to learn it at first, but once you do... you can do just about anything with it! Thus... I have created this thread to spread the word of the awesomeness of After Effects! This is not just simple chatter about this amazing software... after all, we see After Effects in just about everything, especially in those OPs for visual novels! So tell me, have you tried it yet? Do you want to? Even if you can't use it or don't want to download the free trial... what would you like to create with it? If I like your idea, I might want to try doing it!
  3. There is still hope in this world! I've already been celebrating for 2 days JP WEBSITE: http://nanoha-vivid.tv/ ANIDB: http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=anime&aid=10795 MAL: http://myanimelist.net/anime/25939/Mahou_Shoujo_Lyrical_Nanoha_ViVid And to celebrate with you, I will post some of the best pictures from my Vivid collection.
  4. Well since Kendjin closed entries of his giveaway, I will open new one for the people who didn't win and want to get in Originally I wanted to make it something like remake Hearthstone card into a loli (like I did in the logo above xD) but that would be too hard. So instead I chose something very simple: The person who posts the cutest winter picture of a loli will win xD I will be the judge so you need to think about what I would like. Everyone should have an idea what I like and what I don't (so no fat lolis!). If there are 2 images so cute that I cannot decide, I will ask Luch for help so you might want to consider that, if not even Luch can decide I will have to roll a dice . There is no set duration and I will announce the end of the giveaway day in advance so you can take your time to find the cutest loli. PS: I spent too much time on the logo xD
  5. Yep, soon it will be a year since I registered on the forums - in 9 hours from now I will already have had my first post a year ago - this wall of text introduction post. Now that I read it again... nothing really changed with me xD, I still have my hentai-bed and I still love Mare and lolis. But what I didn't know back then is how well I will be received on the forums and how quickly I will make it my new home. And by home I literally mean home, some of you who know me better will know that I don't really have "real life", I even said that in the intro post but it is quite true, my life is on the internet - and there I always had a home. Whether it was private server forum in the days of early wow, guild forum in the days of burning crusade on blizzard server, guild forum for the best TERA online guild Elin Dance Squad or pso-world team forum. But this was all after I quit wow, it was after our EDS TERA guild split to US/EU thanks to bad decision from the publisher, after I quit pso2 after a decision to merge with another team (only to return later to start my very own best team in pso2 ロリコンでも恋がしたい )... So I literally didn't have a place to be, to express myself with my tldr posts. So I was thinking, what I like the most now - the answer was VNs, after I fell in love with Mare, I didn't think about anything else, looking up translations I am looking forward to, checking VN aer blog and all that. And that was when I decided to try to find people with similar tastes to that. I knew about various forums, hongfire, vndb, etc - but those just didn't look like I would fit it or more like I didn't feel I wanted to fit in. Instead I went with what I knew well, Aaeru and her blog (it took me like 3 months on the forums to actually figure out that Aaeru is female xD so maybe I didn't know her that well xD) were the biggest source of information about VNs I was following at the time and I agreed with Aaeru on so many topics, copyright protests, prepatched games, not caring about what others think too much. So I tried it, registered and tried to talk about some lolis and VNs... And here I am today, still taking about lolis and VNs, posting tldrs and just having so much fun with the great people we have here. Fuwanovel literally became my new home on the internet, the first website I check after I launch Firefox. So homely that I was able to express even my initiative, trying to direct translation for my most wanted game Eternal Heart so the world of non-Japanese speakers can finally receive what it deserves - UNLIMITED MARE. I was eventually able to get some fuwa people on my TS3 server (where if you want to come you should definitely use Mare Theme now version 1.1!!!). Even the almighty Archmage Tay shows in there once in a while (although I was never able to get Aaeru there xD). I was even received so well here that I got offered a moderator role with words "continue doing what you're doing" - so I started posting even MORE LOLIS as I accepted to be the Loli Moderator. And again, here I am today, after a great year with great people, thinking back if there is something I should have done differently, not finding anything. This was one of the best decisions I made, registering here, and I shall never regret it~ And so before I post my final loli for this post, I would like to express my gratitude so some people. Biggest thanks would go to Tay who has been the greatest admin fuwanovel could ask for and an awesome friend who always took time to care. To Ryoji who even through his health problems was irreplaceable help to the whole community and a good friend who wants everyone to be happy, thus sharing same vision I do. To Batman, the hardest to teach student of loli ways (it might take years but one day... one day...) and also my biggest adversary here, who would never give me anything without a fair fight. And of course to Aaeru who created this great website so we together can create this great community and who helped me in many ways as well. And to all others who has been a great people to talk to about all kinds of stuff, from copyright issues to game development, through starcraft and VN hacking, lolis, moe and all that. You know very well who you are (I originally started listing people but then when writing the next part I remembered someone else who belonged here and as I didn't want to risk missing someone else, I just deleted the list and rewritten to this part xD). And also thanks to all the people I didn't have much talks or dealings with yet but are great help to the community and website like Nayleen and Naomi, I am sure that in the following year we will talk to each other much more~ And final thanks to everyone who read this whole thing, although I have a feeling they already belong to one of the categories above - but if not and you are some new member trying to know more about me - well now you should know enough so start posting more so I can get to know YOU. And with that... the winter is coming (it actually did snow a bit few days ago already but its gone again) so I have one very special Einhart for you - I was actually saving this picture to be posted in Fuwanovel 2013 x-mas thread and I was going to post some picture of Mare in this thread, but there hasn't been a new originally drawn picture of Mare in months (basically since her birthday- and I check every day) so I don't have anything that I didn't post already. So there you go! If you think about it a little, this picture represents the future of Fuwanovel - winter will come, we might need protection from the cold as sometimes days are already getting bellow 0 temperature here, we might find ourselves confused and unable to solve the situation... but with the power of love and friendship we can always solve every problem to the point where other communities will view it as magic of some sorts... And also there will always be a loli waiting for us... So I hope my second year here will be at least as good as the first one, and thus I plea to all of you who came after me - try to be kind to each other, respectful, have fun and be happy - maybe even you can then look back after your first year here and have no regrets and just good memories. Because that's how it should be~
  6. Although some people already catch my name from the Steins;Gate giveaway, I say to you: Hello everynyan! I arrived here mostly by chance, searching somewhere for any novel of the SonoHana series. So, if you expect a loli-loving freak, you got the right person Some things that I do are playing electric guitar and playing a lot, and I mean A LOT of diverse games on almost any platform. Name it, and I probably have played it or know of it. That, of course, excludes VNs, because being a South American and a VN fan isn't easy. I'm interested especially in knowing people who play Weiss Schwarz. It seems that I'm the only one in my city (and country for that matter) that knows the game and how to play it. It's a lonely world. Well, if you have any more questions or messages, I'll be more than glad to answer them in this post or by PM if you wish to do so. So, see you around!
  7. post some good tinkerbell lolis here It's okay if it's another artist as long as they are well drawn in a similar art style
  8. LINKED ORGANIZED LIBRARY INTERCONNECTION SYSTEM for Fuwanovel (aka LOLIS for Fuwanovel) What is LOLIS for Fuwanovel? Well let me explain: Only portion of the people visiting Fuwanovel website are then registering on the forums, why limit the guide only to them and not include all users of Fuwanovel website. LOLIS would allow common users of Fuwanovel website to see what VNs were liked by people who also liked the VN they just finished, as well as recommendations from the page of VN they liked. __________________________________ How would it work? I imagine it like this: You would use your Fuwanovel forum login (that would be necessary to prevent spam and misuse like in the case of the comment box). And then: 1. you would be able to mark VNs you liked from those that have a listing on the website. 2. you would be able to create a 'link' between 2 VNs about which you would recommend if one was liked 3. you would be able to vote if you agree or disagree with 'link' created by another registered member __________________________________ So what would it look like in the end? For example: You come to a listing of Rewrite and you would see: 74 people like this game (show list) 35 people who liked this game also like Little Busters (show list) 12 people who liked this game also like Wanko to Kurasou (show list) 17 people (85%) (show list) would recommend Little Busters if you liked Rewrite, 3 people (15%) (show list) disagree. 12 people (75%) (show list) would recommend Hoshizora no Memoria if you liked Rewrite, 4 people (25%) (show list) disagree. the names in the list would be clickable and just linked to a single page like lolis.fuwanovel.net/Steve where you could see likes with links (preferably with images) about what they liked on Fuwanovel, what recommendation links they created, what links they agree and disagree with and all that. __________________________________ Why is this better than having someone create the links and recommendations? Well its simple: More people will always produce more accurate result, if you leave it to only few people, they will select what they believe and that way people might miss on some VNs because of that. __________________________________ I know it wouldn't be easy, but it would be in my eyes the most effective solution that would most likely vastly reduce the repetition of identical recommendation requests and only leave the unique, more personal topics. Now I ask you, would you like to see LOLIS on Fuwanovel? disclaimer: I have no power to actually make this system nor do I have any say in Fuwanovel website administration, this is just an idea I just had and think would be cool
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