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  1. forget about gameplay, long story or short, characters, art, music and where you played it. if you play the game for the cliche then why do it? simple answer, if i explain my actions certain people will complain about this community being perfect english and everything needs to be perfect english.
  2. So i heard a while back that a small translation team was working on them, so far this is the progress on A-1 and no news as of the other four thus far but i hope they'll do them all. https://skyspeartranslations.wordpress.com/progress/majikoi-a-1-progress/ I don't know if anyone else is as hyped as i am about this but i had to share it even if it's still out there somewhere, despite Majikoi S having a bit too much H i still love the series Thoughts on the series or project?
  3. UPDATE: SP will ask AKB2 about possibility of 4:3 support): http://steamcommunity.com/app/377670/discussions/0/490124466479176329/ ~~ I wanted to inform everyone that in order to achieve "HD widescreen assets" Sekai Project severely cropped all existing CGs in the laziest manner I've seen. Check this out: You can't even see his arm, the plate, a chunk of his head, the sake bottle and glass. The dead guy's arm which used to be in full view is now barely visible. When I posted these examples on steam they permanently banned me and claimed I was promoting piracy. My post was completely deleted without a trace. Not only that but someone else decided to take up the task to post a more neutral thread on steam and the thread was instantly locked. http://steamcommunity.com/app/377670/discussions/0/490124466477714445/ [Edit: as of this moment the thread that used to be locked is now also entirely deleted.] Deleting and locking anything that might criticize their shortcomings is rather petty even for Sekai Project. They're splitting releases into voiced and un-voiced versions now which is just ridiculous, what's next microtransactions? Split each route into paid dlc? They've made it clear that they treat adult content as if it were cancerous, yet they continue to pick up titles with +18 content. Personally speaking, I've been supporting visual novels for a long time now and I've bought just about every release because I used to believe in western localization and that things would improve if we showed our support. But things are just getting worse at this rate and that was more or less my wake up call to stop investing money in companies like Sekai Project. It's really tiring having to ask every time a title is announced "Will we even get the full +18 release?", "what's getting censored?", "How will it be handled?", "Do we have to buy the goddamn game twice if we also want it on steam?". Like you can't even be excited because there's so many questions left unanswered we can only expect the worst and they completely ignore us hoping we'll buy the steam version, and then announce the +18 at the last minute expecting us to double dip, rather than just offering steam keys like MangaGamer does. Not to mention they suck funds out of us through kickstarter for practically every release. They're just abusing it now, taking already translated games that fans did on their own free time, and charging us money for it while making us pay for the licensing fees. That's just fucked up. Welcome to the new EA games of Visual Novels everyone. [Edit: Looks like reddit caught wind and has been following the whole thing as well. Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. https://www.reddit.com/r/visualnovels/comments/3rds22/gsenjou_no_maou_steam_version_169_cgs_are_cropped/ ]
  4. When you are reading a VN, what is the most important element for you? Is it the story and how it unfolds or is it the characters and their development throughout it? Can you read a novel that has really good story but "bad" characters that you can't really connect to? For me it has to be characters. I do love a good story, but if I cant really feel anything towards the characters then the story doesn't really mean that much. Like, I just dont really care what happens to them. Also, putting a spin on it, I am more than capable of reading a somewhat boring and dull story if the characters are super interesting/funny/cool, what have you.
  5. I've been really interested in a visual novel known as "Chuuning Lover" https://vndb.org/v10026 but with lack of knowledge of understanding Japanese, I've yet to see anything regarding an English translation through my search. I was curious to see if anyone knew or had planned on translating it, any information would be helpful.
  6. Alright I started this thread becuase I got quite curious of which visual novels have the most amount of choices. I've seen list of the longest visual novels out there but never haven't seen any about choices which makes sense but my point is in your opinion which one has the most choices? I heard Clannad supposely has like 30 choices per route which a lot taking into account it has like 8-9 routes + After story.
  7. Is it possible that this could be fully translated? Like is there any way that it could?
  8. What is the best method and place to acquire VNs ?
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