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  1. I meant that you shouldn't buy things just to support an industry. There are people on Steam saying that we should buy Kagura Douchuuki because it'll help get more Japanese titles translated and on Steam. That is incredibly dumb, since it's a machine TL'd piece of gutted crap. If anything, blindly supporting companies like Debonosu will just result in the continuation of those shitty business practices and even more poorly translated, utterly gutted titles shoved onto Steam for a quick buck. In that case, "supporting the industry" would not be in anyone's benefit but Debonosu's because the
  2. Due to legal issues, on the advice of our lawyers, we cannot talk about WAS - NJ eta: We are still committed to delivering it, we just can't talk about what happened. https://www.reddit.com/r/visualnovels/comments/3rg7y9/sekai_project_and_rvisualnovels/cwnvo4o There's been problems with the Doujin group in Japan, so that project's been a bit of a clusterfuck it sounds like. Why should we accept that lame excuse? why didn't sekai project tell us from the beginning that it wasn't them managing the project. sic "All production work was managed by the circle initially.After September of this yea
  3. We've been over this, did you really want to do it all over again? This is exactly why I hate debating on these forums... People refuse to back down and bring up old points again. The conversation ends up going in circles Likewise man.
  4. Actually, I'm a contractee. I work freelance so I don't do work specifically for SP, though that's where a lot of my workload is from at the moment I see that you're not taking this ban quite well though, despite stating that you didn't care before. If you honestly think that saying "I honestly recommend the original version with the fan patch instead" is okay on the G-Senjou forum, then just wow lol. Politely-worded or not, both threads were closed for the same reason (and it wasn't because they weren't being polite). That's not promoting piracy. It's promoting imports. Again, if you bother
  5. Since when was planning, running, coming up with rewards, and advertising a KickStarter - on top of the translation itself - any less work? I can't exactly make you like him, but I'd appreciate it if you stopped making baseless slander about dovac. If you've seen his Twitter at all, you'd see that he's really not eating well (if at all, save for the 20 cans of Red Bull daily). I'm not speaking as an employee or anything, but he was a really kind and down-to-earth person when I met him even before I started working for the company. I first approached him at the SP booth at SakuraCon last year
  6. You got banned for promoting piracy, you said as much in your OP. I'm assuming the other guy was banned for spamming or for another reason. Because there's a distinct lack of evidence available, all we have to go on is the word of the people involved, and let me be pretty frank by saying you don't come off very well when discussing issues relating to SP. Your stated objective was trying to raise awareness, and it isn't a very large stretch from this to the spamming of that link in every discussion thread on the STEAM boards, spend any amount of time on the internet and it's apparent that this
  7. I think it would be best to get both sides of the discussion before making any decisions. For example, on Reddit SP has explained one of the bans by saying: The thread was deleted and user banned because the user started to spam the link to every discussion thread. As of a few hours ago, all bans were removed Taking a look at the initial post and it's fairly dickish and disrespectful manner of speaking, I wouldn't discount it. To put it another way, I make it a rule to not completely trust the viewpoint of those with an agenda to push. I can assure you that's a lie. I posted once on steam, a
  8. I can see why you might think that, but I was simply saying to stick with the original and use the fan patch. Whether people legally import or torrent it is out of my hands. Importing would be ideal but no one is going to buy it just because I told them to, just being realistic about that. As for having to "beat" free fan translations: The fact is the torrent has been available for years, just taking that into account. If the official release is worse than the original that people could easily get for free, it gives them no reason to buy it. You're not gaining anything then, you're just los
  9. Nah, you're putting words in my mouth. I don't even care about having a 16:9 ratio, I care about the details that are left out of the cropped CGs. Just like I care about H content being removed. You can argue it's irreverence but that's all subjective to you. Obviously this stuff matters to us otherwise this topic wouldn't have taken off like it did. The point is to hold localization to higher standards, not mindlessly support every half-assed release because "If we don't support this then we'll never see another VN in the west again". It doesn't work that way, as a business if you expect
  10. I'd say this comment really hits the mark. https://www.reddit.com/r/visualnovels/comments/3rds22/gsenjou_no_maou_steam_version_169_cgs_are_cropped/cwndsse
  11. Same here man. I'm about ready to abandon western localization as a whole and start importing. It's good motivation to learn Japanese and ultimately far more rewarding. There's so much we are missing out on here in the west, and I really wanted to share the emotions and experiences Visual Novels bring with as many people as possible. I didn't support official releases to see them butchered like this.
  12. UPDATE: SP will ask AKB2 about possibility of 4:3 support): http://steamcommunity.com/app/377670/discussions/0/490124466479176329/ ~~ I wanted to inform everyone that in order to achieve "HD widescreen assets" Sekai Project severely cropped all existing CGs in the laziest manner I've seen. Check this out: You can't even see his arm, the plate, a chunk of his head, the sake bottle and glass. The dead guy's arm which used to be in full view is now barely visible. When I posted these examples on steam they permanently banned me and claimed I was promoting piracy. My post was compl
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