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  1. @Xander Oh my god, i really missed that folder :'D Thank you, i wouldn't have seen like the blind idiot i am otherwise ! EDIT : Oups, when i try to repack with PurplePS3Packer.exe, it says : (Don't bother the "Minori Tools", wrong folder :D) Maybe because i extracted with Ps2TextDumper.exe instead of Ps3 ? (Ps3TextDumper.exe crash when i try, so not possible to extract ps3 files with that exe) Having the txt files and not being able to repack them into ps3 files will be a big problem, the game can't read the files like this ^^" Thank you again for
  2. Hello Xander ! There isn't any executable files in the git ? I don't know how to compile cpp file to make an exe one. I also tried by myself with CodeBlocks but i get this error message : Thank you in advance.
  3. Unfortunately, didn't found the font when i extracted the game files. Or even, where i can change it. The system.npa just has a system.ini file but nothing related to font inside of it. Same for cg.npa and boot.nss files.
  4. VNDB : Chaos;Head (not the Noah version) Program used : nipa Hello, I have some issue with displaying accents (again) on the Chaos;Head game. when i extract, modify the first script, for example "ch00_001_インターミッション01.nss" and put some french accents like "é", "è" and "ç" in it, encode it into UTF-8 (or UTF-16, tried both) and compile it again. Then, when i start the game, it'll bring me to the menu, but when i click on "start", it'll just display the content of the next file, the chapter 1, instead of the chapter 0, so i guess it skipped it because it can't read the file w
  5. Well, when i launched the game with the .rpy file and the old .rpyc file, guess what happened ? The .rpyc file overwrited itself with a new one. https://www.renpy.org/doc/html/language_basics.html It is said that when you launch the game with a .rpy file, it'll automatically compile into a new .rpyc file. Anyway, you were a great help ! Thank you very much dude ! You just spared me another night of trying / searching ! have a good night (or day for you :D)
  6. Thank you, it seems to work and i also found the text here in script.rpy after extraction ! But i've got issues with repack now. I don't know how to do that ^^" For the extraction, i dropped the file directly onto the unrpyc.py file and it gave me "script.rpy" but for the repack, i'm stuck EDIT : I dropped the script.rpy file into the game folder and it takes the .rpy file into account ! I can see my translated text ! Thank you Infernoplex ! But i'd like a solution for how to repack / compile a .rpy file into .rpyc if possible.
  7. Hello, I wanted to do a french translation of this game : Angel Beats! A Third View Chapter 1 I extracted the file that contains dialogues and text (data3.rpa) with RPAExtractor or rpatool and i got 4 files : options.rpy, options.rpy~, script.rpy, script.rpy~ (These files are encoded in UTF-8 after extraction, when i check the original data3.rpa, it's encoded in ANSI) When i repack using RPAExtractor or rpatool, it works but the problem is that when i replace the file and overwrite it, the game will still display the english text and not the translated text. I als
  8. My first anime was Shin Chan (Xiao Shin in chinese), easy to understand even if i didn't speak well chinese at that time. Very funny, and nowadays, in comedy animes, when i see anime doing parodies of it, i felt very nostalgic. The last i've seen with Shin Chan parody is in Dengi Gai!
  9. A lot of them are very good. Rewrite OPs (both), G-Senjou no Maou, Deardrops... I don't remember having an opening that i disliked among the VNs i have played yet. « What have been seen, cannot be unseen... »
  10. Thanks, UTF16-LE works very well ! (Don't mind what i wrote here) The images ? What images ? can you be more specific please ?
  11. Hello, I'm actually working with a french team in translating that game (Mirai no Kimi to Subete no Uta ni v2) but i encountered some problems. First of all, i can extract and repack with AnimED using [XP3] Kirikiri2/KAG3 but if i put symbols like : "é" "è" or "ç" inside the patch.xp3 in a .ks file script. It shows me that kind of message after clicking 'start game' : But only when i put that kind of symbols, otherwise, it works well. In french, we must use these symbols so without them, the translation will be pretty screwed. Secondly, better explaining with images than text :
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