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  1. I've been watching a lot of TV shows about tattoo cover-ups recently. In those shows, a bunch of people go to the tattoo artists, show them their ugly pieces and get something cool stitched over it.

    In mind though, I am always thinking why these people always decide so fast to go with the first sketch provided by the artist. I mean, shouldn't you sleep over a decision like that?

    But I guess if that's how they'd think, they wouldn't need a cover-up in the first place.

    1. Suzu Fanatic

      Suzu Fanatic

      had a tattoo removed (reread: burnt off) last year - doubt I'll experience anything that painful ever again in my life. All because of a hasty decision :makina:


      def. something to think through.

  2. More people should watch Hajime No Ippo.

    Everyone on this forum is aware of how rarely I make anime recommendations, so go and do it. 



    鬼神 KILL EM ALL 1989


    410.757.864.530 DEAD COPS

  4. If god made a bunch of short videos, would we call them devines?

  5. "Cowboy, eh? Is that the part where I make fun about your mother?"

  6. New users shouldn't be allowed to post, until they have a total of 100 posts.

  7. My friends call me Hadoken, because I'm down-right fierce.

  8. My mattress isn't working, cause it's spring break.

    1. TexasDice


      spring break, coraaaal!

  9. Thieves never understand my humor, because they take things literally.

  10. How do you attract a lady's attention in a casino? You poker.

    1. Shikomizue


      Now where did I put that slow clap video?...

  11. Heroes don't complain, so never let them see your pain.

  12. I'm probably asleep.

  13. I'm not asleep.

  14. When's the Evangile Fandisk?

    1. Eclipsed


      I'll pray with you

    2. TexasDice


      I'm so bored, it's not even funny. Soon, I might have to start watching anime... *shudder*

  15. It's 2015, why am I still hearing Outcast?

  16. More than 33% of my posts are liked. I. AM. POPULAR!

  17. If I can't, I won't.

  18. Push OVERDRIVE for summer slam!

  19. I made some emoticons. Feel free to check them out on my profile page.

  20. Just moved to Arlington, VA to get my masters degree. Sup.

  21. Monster Hunter still ruins my life.

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