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  1. Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday Mare!
  2. wanko.EXE failure (SOLVED)

    Right click Wanko to Kurasou folder, select properties, uncheck read-only and apply to all files and subfolders.
  3. wanko.EXE failure (SOLVED)

    Post a screenshot of the error.
  4. Our torrent of Grisaia no Kajitsu is NOT prepatched. English patch v1.0 is included in the torrent but manual installation is required. For latest English patch version check the translators site at tlwiki.
  5. Figure Collector

    Another Elin joins the party!
  6. Save files are in Documents\age\オルタクロニクルズ01
  7. Need to use cracked executables to get past the copy protection. Looks like with ato kiss it is included in the download (起動用EXE) and for hotch kiss get it from anime-sharing.
  8. Rewrite Mac Issues

    Did you download the fuwanovel torrent or something else? Is your Wine using japanese locale? Did you install DirectX?
  9. You can't fix it. That is how the game is designed to be at that point.
  10. Dramatical Murder won't open

    When you are done answering the questions and the game "restarts" you just be patient and and continue playing. That is all.
  11. Fuwanovel Osu! Thread

    Pretty sure that the automated system will scan also videos that are set to private.
  12. Fuwanovel Osu! Thread

    I received a copyright strike last year for this song played with doubletime and the video got taken down by Sony. Couple of my other videos have that generic third party content acknowledgement that doesn't matter (well 2 of them are blocked in some countries). So probably having crappy quality sound is safer. (And avoiding songs owned by big people)
  13. Dramatical Murder won't open

    This has been answered a few times already. The "glitching" is part of the route and you are supposed to just continue playing through it. Blame the developers/writers for making it so confusing
  14. InPageError seems to be associated with device errors. Run command prompt as administrator and enter command CHKDSK /R C:. If you have multiple hard drives then run this command for each of them, just replace the C: with the drive letter. If the drive is in use it will ask to schedule the scan for next reboot, so answer yes and restart your PC after scheduling the scans.
  15. Right or Left Handed

    Mainly left-handed. Using right hand for some random things, like mouse.
  16. Compiling work has failed error

    What games are giving you this error? Can you post a screenshot of it?
  17. How to Install and Play Chaos;Head

    Upload them to http://imgur.com/ and paste the links you get here. Note that the underwear patch is not necessary to play the game, it gives you the option of using character sprites that have only underwear on instead of the original ones.
  18. Rewrite Keeps Crashing (SOLVED)

    Did you run Rewrite.bat?
  19. If there is something wrong with your eyes I suggest you visit your local doctor. I doubt anyone here can help with that.
  20. I/O Revision 2 Error (SOLVED)

    Save files are located in %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\asgard\I/O‐revisionⅡ
  21. Hey, you probably didn't change the locale correctly (maybe you changed location instead of locale?). Open Region and Language options in control panel and under Administrative tab you will find Change system locale button. Remember to restart your pc after changing it.
  22. [Complete] Notifications in page title

    Nice. Also updated it, http://www.elisanet.fi/luch/Fuwa_title_notification_number.user.js And yes it does count unread messages too.
  23. [Complete] Notifications in page title

    User scripts installed in the Chrome extensions page are isolated from the page context and cannot access any of its JavaScript functions. You will need to add Tampermonkey to your browser (Greasemonkey on FF) and add the script there.
  24. [Complete] Notifications in page title

    Grease/Tampermonkey script: http://www.elisanet.fi/luch/Fuwa_title_notification_number.user.js Update interval set to 5 minutes, not sure if that is too low. Tested it for few minutes on chrome and ff so maybe it works lol.