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    <Stanleys> The days of the dead Fuwanovel IRC are over! If your name is called, I command you to forth and reclaim the glory days or wallow in silence once again! <Stanleys> kuu Wolfscythe Cybersteel ProBlackbird ACF asfx Astar astro Ayu|off badbwg Coolio|Out dan88 Defendos delta-mm Douggle Dragoon eplightning flamingspinach gamma Gavisi GenTwo george105948 HaxtonFarAway Hei_ HenAi hisuiIBMPower hjandreas HY krill Kumi KuroiHana|Away L4ST Lavi_PC_ Lewycool Melon_Bread Mephisto MeruP momimomi monkeysrumble nanoha-chan Neibs ohiowar phatboisteez RainHeaven RaptorFB rarely_upset realmoecha ruri  <Stanleys> ryonaloli Sakamoto_Neko Sarah shcboomer Soupling Svitkona ThatPlayer The_Bug TheBlackTac TheVoid thewingless Vanto VDZ Vemocleus WarrFork- Xeo ZeoH  <Neibs> what the fuck <RainHeaven> LOL <TheBlackTac> Yes?  <MeruP> wtf <TheBlackTac> XD <phatboisteez> k <WarrFork-> Errr <RainHeaven> TROLL OP <ThatPlayer> Lol <ohiowar> lol <RainHeaven> AHAHA <Douggle> uhhhhhhhhhhhh wtf. <ThatPlayer> Kick please <Mephisto> banhammer <ohiowar> Stanleys you did it <Stanleys> Nice reaction <WarrFork-> way to wake up all the lurkers <TheBlackTac> It's okay. Lol. <RainHeaven> Stanleys calling for war <Douggle> some of us lurkers are actually reading vn's  <Neibs> i was tling a vn <Neibs> pls <shcboomer> And you guys wonder why this place is dead most of the time... <Sakamoto_Neko> or downloading them <Hei_> yes <ThatPlayer> Does seeding count? <krill> lol <monkeysrumble> It has been done.
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    Have I ever told you how much I fucking love Panic! At The Disco?
    I absolutely fucking love P!ATD.

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    Oh man there's nothing exciting about it at all, and the magic being like a contagious virus really annoyed me too, doesn't make sense at all. Everything else you already listed, except i just can't stand how their noses look as well ;-; for some reason it irritates me.
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