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  1. DNA²

    You should read the manga, its even better.
  2. Music From VN Recommendation Help

    hmm there are quite few VN that i could say theres good music, at least I cant remember remember many. Phoenix wright series has one hell of a good ost, the onbes i posted was from the first game so the quality of the sound is a bit bad because the first one was a gameboy game and later was ported to the ds, but there are quite a few amazing tracks in the series, ill post some of my fav. There are 5 games of the main series and some spin offs, the last game Dual destinies has one awesome ost as well. Bluebird lamentation is from zero escape series, first game is called 999 the second is Virtue last reward, both have good songs, but the strong point is the story, one of the best I read. 999 Virtue last reward
  3. What's the meaning behind your username?

    Its a game by Clive Barker. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emJ1nweouss
  4. What Are You Watching: Movie and TV Show Edition

    im watching the following Arrow (got to start season 3) Vikings Marco Polo Breaking bad (last season) Constantine
  5. Music From VN Recommendation Help

    Ayakashibito Virtue last reward Phoenix wright Fate Stay Night MuvLuv Alternative
  6. What are you playing?

    Playing Cartagra, pretty good right now but the protagonist of Kara no Shoujo is better.
  7. What's Your Favorite VN Feature?

    skip, reading the same text over and over again gives me cancer.
  8. "No but you could say I'm a veganist. Although as soon as I look at a delicious meat dish I break all my commandments at once." Yang Wenli from Legend of galatic heroes
  9. How do you get past the artstyle?

    Clannad has a bad artstyle but i dont think Muv-luv does, it kinda feels a bit more retro but not bad.
  10. The Best AMVs Thread

  11. Help Me Find Something to Watch~

    well, then crest/banner of the stars and legend of galatic heroes are the beste of the genre.
  12. Help Me Find Something to Watch~

    crest banner is my fav series, i just didnt mention because he didnt said anything about sci fi.
  13. Help Me Find Something to Watch~

    I used to think the same thing about Gintama, til the series got in my head and I just had to keep watching XD hmm lets see, Requiem for the phantom is a good one with a nice story and setting and action scenes, black lagoon is probally the best action anime out there with excelent story to boot. Monster is also excelent, you dont find many mistery animes on that lvl. I usually recomend a bunch of anime but im really drawing a black here lol
  14. Help Me Find Something to Watch~

    Kara no Kyoukai movies are pretty good if you like suspense/action with good story and amazing animation.