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  1. Why would I ever play something like this? It shouldn't even exist in my opinion, when we could have actual good vns come out. Especially since Sekai is being so slow with the translation/localization of Grisaia, I feel like they're wasting their time with things like this. Though I don't actually know how things work over there. Just my opinion.
  2. I see. Thank you for the information, maybe I should lurk /jp/ more.
  3. Girlfriend? You mean my hand? Of course I've played vns with her before! We've done all sorts of stuff together..
  4. K, if you say so. But if it isn't that good I'll bash your head in.
  5. Just like the title says: You post a list of visual novels that you have read and really liked, and people will recommend you VNs based on your taste. I'll start: Sharin no Kuni and fandisc Fate/hollow ataraxia G-senjou no Maou Grisaia no Kajitsu Fate/stay night Chaos;Head Steins;Gate Muv Luv
  6. Definitely bottom. It's better in everything, although if there's a long story to tell top is much better.
  7. Yes, it will take a while. http://ask.fm/koestl/answer/121488159541
  8. I'm not sure if a topic like this has been made before, if so please link me. Anyway, here's the thing: There's many vns that are said to be pretty good, like MuvLuv and Clannad. I'd really like to read those, but there's a big problem stopping me and you probably already know what it is. The art style. In every single vn that I've ever played excluding KS, I had to get used to the artstyle. To me, the artstyles of these two vns and many others is very revolting (especially Clannad, it literally fucking terrifies me.) And I can't see myself being able to get used to them. I'm not actually planning to play Clannad, so MuvLuv is the problem here. I'm sure somebody else encountered this problem before, so my question is how you got over that. Got used to it, ignored it, etc.?
  9. The ending was awesome, so it's okay. I didn't quite get it though. Anyone care to explain it to me?
  10. Turns out I wasn't stuck because of doing things in the wrong order, lol. I had to do the minigames at the outskirts or whatever first to reach Illya. What a waste of time..
  11. Well shit. I'm skipping through it while following the guide right now, hopefully I can finish it today or someone finds a way to help me out somehow. The issue here isn't 100%, it's that I can't progress. Read threads properly next time. Or was I being too vague in the OP?
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