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  1. Because Japan likes to rewrite whether or not the outside world exists. Seriously though, everyone who says Key "isn't making anything new" and such, they literally just announced a new game before this. I'm like, dead from fuwanovel 90% of the time and follow VN stuff even less, yet I'm aware. Oh, and second announcement is in this title, even if you're not aware you could go look for what the first was
  2. Next event starts on the 14th, and is a Kotori Medley Festival Song list All Difficulties Smile Bokura no LIVE Kimi to no LIFE Oh,Love&Peace! Love marginal Happy maker! COLORFUL VOICE Koi no Signal Rin rin rin! Mahoutsukai Hajimemashita! Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari Pure Yuujou No Change after school NAVIGATORS Pure girls project Kimi no Kuse ni! Blueberry ♡ Train SENTIMENTAL StepS Jun'ai Lens Spicaterrible Cool Mermaid festa vol.1 WILD STARS LOVELESS WORLD LONELIEST BABY Binetsu kara Mystery Arifureta Kanashimi no Hate Yuuki no Reason Nightingale Love Song
  3. If the card is going from unidolized to idolized using a seal, it unlocks 0 slots. If the card is already idolized, it unlocks 1 slot. In contrast, if you idolize a card using a second copy of it, you unlock 1 slot. If the card is already idolized, you unlock 2 slots.
  4. My stopping point, Continue my T1 all Aqours events. Also got T1 song score around song rank 425, which is rather high for me, so that's cool too.
  5. I got tipped off by a friend texting me telling me he lost 75 LP and i alerted the SIF Skype buddies
  6. I have like 12 hours of grinding left for this event and now there's an issue while I have some free time, nice. At least I didn't lose anything out of this, let's see what Klab does as compensation, if they'll roll back servers or refund with gems or what.
  7. It's a widespread issue, don't play any more.
  8. Exactly how I felt, it started off a little slow then blew way past my expectations. It's not amazing but it's definitely enjoyable for what it is.
  9. What do you mean? The skills, like kisses, perfumes, etc? I think it's complete random.
  10. I had used all my gems on Ruby but managed to get another 50, so I drew for Rin Didn't expect her anyway, so getting an SSR of her is neat.
  11. So, is anyone watching Mahou Shojou Ikusei Keikaku as of late? I went in with skepticism but man has this show been a ride lately. Despite being a Death-match genre anime, it's managed to stay away from the tropes seen in those, such as "Villain of the week" type enemies and "backstory=deathflag for character". While Ikusei Keikaku suffered from it in the beginning, it was more of a way to kickstart the action. Another problem with these type of anime is "Main Character Plot Armor" syndrome (the MC does suffer from this too), but they've managed to counter this with the exact same escape, which is by practically making the MC irrelevant to the plot recently. All characters play their role in the story, with the anime focusing on everybody, giving backstory to multiple characters in single episodes, you just don't know who to support and who will die next. With a significant deathcount for there just being 8 episodes out, I'm genuinely surprised in each and every scene. Overall, this anime is just a surprise to me. *Disclaimer: My background of deathmatch stories is rather small so yeah, maybe I'm just missing out on the good stuff.
  12. My 21 tickets netted 5 SRs, but didn't take screenshots of the individual tickets 10+1s went fine I didn't get Ruby, but I got second best Aqours girl, Hanamaru! Everything before the event Maki is new
  13. And me after the event when I scout for Ruby using at least 19 tickets, 21 if I bother to T1, and more if I get some from the event (got 2 so far). Then I will use 150 gems too
  14. I got a scouting ticket on my 2nd CF :sachi; Although, the first 3 CF were so sucky, it's 5am and this is the lineup Nightingale > Arifureta > Daring EXR > DSoM EXR > Zurui Nightingale > Kururin > Daring EXR > DSoM EXR > Zurui Nightingale > Arifureta.... then it changed from there thankfully.
  15. LP is not spent until the song is started. In between each song you can "pause" the festival by just going to the home or hitting back. It will return to the round you left off when you go back into the Festival.
  16. I was going to go,for 125252 points but decided I wanted a break after last event, so I'm just going for 60k for T1 Last event
  17. Started the Ruby event, was the 4th person to the second copy of the Ruby and then passed 3rd place for a couple minutes before 5th blew past both of us Goal this event is top 10, so it's best to start off with a bang than play catchup at the end.
  18. Like Vegas Nozomi? None. If you try sacrificing them, it warns you that you won't get any seals from them. All "promo" cards don't give seals, as well as support cards such as teachers and alpacas.
  19. Sorry, I don't have any information on scouting boxes. As for my 4.0, I idolized a few SR Rin and Hanayos, and I also got this idolized. Even though I got her through sacrificing 3 URs, then then using 25 SR Seals to idolize, she's the pride of my account now.
  20. It's still there, just mistranslated. The "Attribute" button is the "Newest" button. Data miners are predicting RubyDia for next event, other prediction is NozoUmi. I hope the latter because I need time to collect gems since I want to attempt top 10 for Ruby. I've made 61 gems since 4.0 released and still have much to go.
  21. Got 30 SR seals ready to idolize a UR and a few SRs
  22. Finally got caught up last night, I liked ep8 more. I like the struggle for the dream, not just having an easy ride like μ's did. But both ep8 and ep9 we're fantastic, some of the best both anime have had to offer. From introductions, I chose Ruby as my favorite, and she was cemented as my favorite in the anime, while the opposite happened for Dia. I hated her introduction and thought I'd just dislike her always, but now I like Dia a lot in the anime!
  23. All my Ns, Rs, and most SRs are all maxed leveled. The only SRs that aren't maxed are ones who don't make it into my team, and even then, I'm still slowly leveling cards. There's currently 525 Ns in my present box, and with 30 spots open in my members list... Well, that's a lot of menuing I'm lazy
  24. I'm 289, about to be 290 I need to start working on at 300 some time, been rather dead as of late with the game
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