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  1. OmOneko is being made with ZERO Ai. Although I can see a lot of #gamedev's using AI in the future to make games. Artist: create a sprite and then train Ai to creat expressions and poses. Code, etc. same. Eventually those that don't use AI (us) will be like artisans that hand make furniture... YMMV
  2. OmOneko - Project Introduction The making of OmOneko started shortly after I discovered my first ever Visual Novel: I lost a bet and had to play \"Doki Doki Literature Club\". That game broke me. Something about the immersive atmosphere and storytelling style sucked me right in. I immediately plunged into the medium, started playing and making review videos of VNs, and also helped make DDLC mods, and small VNs. Not having read for pleasure in ages and then consuming games like "Katawa Shoujo", "Lucy, The Eternity She Wished For", "Historia", and many others, had me ravenous for more! But when I decided to see what the fuss was about with nekos, none of the games I came across sparked enough interest to download them. I just didn't like how they were portrayed; not \'alien or mysterious\' enough for me. I was left with a question: {i}if nekos existed and had evolved paralel to humans (and had not become simply \'people with cat-ears and a tail\' or \'. . . so gwateful to master!\' tropes), what would that world be like?{/i} Before I knew it Clawdia, Pepper, and Shimi were living rent free in my head. And every time I put them into a situation - a scene just seemed to create itself. A year later, the full story summary was outlined, Act One and a couple dozen other scenes were scripted, and half of the character sprites were created or roughed. One year after that, this awesome team of talented devs were deep into turning the story into a playable game. ~Mattyd – Writer, Director, Code, Project manager Silentcook – Build editor, Additional writing Oddball – Developmental editor, Additional writing, MC and Additional concept art DiabloGraves – Developmental editor, Additional writing XPND.Dev – Developmental editor, Additional writing, Additional code Orian34 – Code cLso.nd – Code, Additional CG art Turbo_Udon – Background art / models, Additional CG art JonathanHuygens – CG art, Sprite edits Corax – Sprite art, Additional CG art FizzyPopCake – Sprite art yapush_khu – Additional background art / models Malcolm Escott – Composer CplCrud – Sound effects, Project spiritual advisor TheHivemind – “SinKitty” writer Rimajin8 – “SinKitty: It’s All A Game” art KenjiUz – “SinKitty: OldSchool” & “Legacy” art, “Vanquisher“ art neruteru – “NyakoMaids” art TheSassJacket – Opening Credits video, Beta reader Friendly Neighbourhood – Alpha reader and Remy500 – Dev editing & Additional writing during Shimi & Pepper’s route SoliDPFS – Additional background art / models Reina – Additional background art / models Sou1eh – Additional CG art Guorin – Additional Sprite edits HeadMed – Additional CG art, Additional placeholders Progress The story is 100% devised. Act 1 is in Beta, nearing release - some things will be kept out until full release. EG: unlockable image gallery) Shimi's script is in final and route being coded. Pepper's script is in final and ready to be coded. Clawdia's script is in Alpha, nearing Beta. OST is complete. SFX are 70% complete Art for Act 1 is complete. For routes is 80% complete.
  3. Big milestone for us! We're hoping for a possible (possible) OmOneko: Act 1 release for the New Year. Ambitious, but we like a challenge! In anticipation, I updated all the art on our website. (wanted to add pictures but can't link .pngs?) http://omoneko.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/Ensemble-5-5-21.png
  4. Depending on art we may have something to release by the New Year. (insert joyous Dev noises) So it was suggested by a team member to duplicate the discord Dev Blog here to get some hype happening. (But does anyone see the Blog? Or would it be better to start a thread on the forums...?)
  5. Oh FFS - lol yes I did spell it wrong. Been one of those days... Thanks for pointing that out, fixed. The video is only one music track from the game, and that character's test sprite: expressions. Not any kind of playthrough. Because so much of the art is still placeholder we haven't put anything together yet, but the art is coming together. I can say that is is a deep story focused on romance with nuanced characters. We "undo the tropes" and our Beta readers have been hounding us for more!
  6. Yeah it does have a funky formatting, I had pulled from a reddit post on r/vndevs. YES, I'm part of the LoveVn community - that's how I found my way here. (Also on DevTalk). Glad you like the look of the VN, a lot of placeholders still. But a great team, Excellent story, and the OST is wonderful!! (early Pepper sprite)
  7. ...and if you know someone who plays with Blender, please let em know about the project. THANKS!
  8. Hi! 2 years ago me and a team started making OmOneko: We're almost ready to release Act 1, but need some things first... Wanna help? The background art for OmOneko is a combination of (mostly) Blender model renders, with some hand-drawn elements added. we're looking for another Blender modeler who would like to join our team and showcase their skills! (You do not have to be a master, just eager and reliable.) DM me on discord Mattyd#8358
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