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  1. We've teamed up with creators Silumansoft and Azurezero to release a bundle full of juicy monster girl content! It's 18 different IPs available for a ridiculously affordable price, so check it out if it strikes your fancy. https://itch.io/b/1538/season-of-monster-girls-mega-bundle
  2. 1. Bern's Breeding Sim, a harpy-raising (?) sim is being built in Godot. I'd like to do other stuff like small RPGs in the future, as well, but it's limited but time and resources. Consider supporting us via word of mouth if you want to see more by us! Every day is a battle for visibility and more visibility means we can make more cool stuff for you all. 2. Sure! There's not much more to say other than "yes," you'll just have to wait and see.
  3. Story "You are Gino Castallo, a young man tortured by his own mundane existence. Your off hours are occupied reading books about urban legends and going on expeditions to the sites of alleged hauntings. There has to be more to life than... this, right? However, you always seem to end up empty-handed, and today is no different. But this time you stumble upon a swamp during the long trek home from yet another pointless journey. A woman who claims to be some kind of benevolent witch offers to show you her magic. This is the proof you've been waiting for... isn't it?" Ab
  4. Glad to hear you liked it. Check out our other content if it strikes your fancy.
  5. And now, for something new and a little bit strange. I'm Hatch, the creator of "Outis Media," an eroge-producing brand determined to raise the bar of quality of the eroge produced in the West. I've been working on making this type of content for roughly 10 years, though it's only over the last two that we've finally begun to gain traction. I am someone who is generally disappointed in the low-quality eroge Westerners produce, and it has become my life's mission to change this and co-opt as many competent people as possible to help me in my crusade. There's no o
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