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  1. It works but only with the first dialog since the rest is not seen if I modify it
  2. of the game, but I think I already know what it is, because they gave me a tool to edit the text file but I can't return it to its original format
  3. I do not know if it has something to do but the screen remains black
  4. https://mega.nz/file/iIcFFSaR#4msoiMvRm0BCRXMoxcsPfDgfosi7oWfel_YrUJqEtWU
  5. know the tool to unpack and repackage .dat files?
  6. BGI Buriko General Interpreter/Ethornell — Proyecto IndoCalize
  7. https://indocalize.my.id/tutorial/cara-menerjemahkan-visual-novel-bgi/ This is a tutorial with BGI
  8. How does the tool work and what is its full functionality?
  9. I have already translated the text file but I can't repackage it, does anyone know how it can be done?
  10. You can try to change the font since the game that I am translating takes another different font and adds the characters that I needed, it does not necessarily have to be this MS ゴ シ ッ ク
  11. sorry for the inconvenience but does anyone here know where the source is found in the old BGI / Ethornel novels such as FORTUNE ARTERIAL?
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