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    MottainaiVN got a reaction from Tom in Donations?   
    Does this forum take donations? I'm sure it costs something to run servers.
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    MottainaiVN reacted to Charmanderson in Streaming music on grooveshark for those who are interested   
    Hmm, is the streaming not working? or is it just me?
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    MottainaiVN got a reaction from Charmanderson in Streaming music on grooveshark for those who are interested   
    Well seeing as Radio Nao is never on, I think its my time to shine. I'll be streaming music almost constantly, so come check me out. My streams will be open to suggestions and if you don't suggest I'll play what I want.
    Join me at: http://grooveshark.com/#!/digitalrhythem/broadcast
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    MottainaiVN reacted to nohman in Anyone playing Pokemon X/Y?   
    What do you need a hand with? I'll probably be able to help. Just PM me.
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    MottainaiVN got a reaction from Tay in Donations?   
    Does this forum take donations? I'm sure it costs something to run servers.
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    MottainaiVN got a reaction from MellowMadman11 in solidbatman's New Years Giveaway Palooza!   
    Still noobish at photoshop, so dont be so judgemental of it

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    MottainaiVN reacted to TempestuousInquiry in Who here is a pluviophile?   
    I just learned this term a few months ago actually; seeing it used in a forum title immediately caught my attention! xD
    I'd definitely say that I'm a pluviophile. My favorite weather is when the sky is just a blank, pale-greyish color, and gentle rain tends to follow. That being said, I really like all kinds of rain. I find the atmosphere very comforting to do many things (including playing some VNs), but I especially like it when I'm writing; that combined with some nice music is rather inspiring. ^-^
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    MottainaiVN got a reaction from meru in What I Think of Fuwanovel   
    As a new member of Fuwanovel, I can truly say that this has been an awesome place to be. It feels like that even if I am new, my opinions and inputs really do matter and the community is actively giving their inputs as well. I would have never imagined that I would be this active on any forum but the people keep me coming back. Thanks for being so great guys.
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    MottainaiVN reacted to Tay in What I Think of Fuwanovel   
    I hadn’t planned on responding to this thread (more on this later), but I’ve since decided that I need to do so. I spent a lot of time thinking about my response, and I hope that the community will take a moment to listen to what I have to say. This is Batman’s thread, but in order to address what he’s offered us here, I need to start with a few words about me.

    I officially joined the forums just after the original site was hacked/trashed, and was able to participate in the rebuilding effort. That was well over a year ago, and I’ve seen the community go through several unique periods since then. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go, and the site has constantly grown, stretched and dreamed of bigger things. It’s been inspiring, sometimes stressful and heartbreaking, and at other times, it’s been all those things simultaneously. During the recent site outage (read: Fuwapocalypse), I realized that Fuwanovel means a lot to me, and has had a great influence in my life. I decided to start a project: “Tay’s History of Fuwanovel” – a chronicling of my time here in this community. Each chapter of the book is divided up into the names of community members. One of the chapters is named “Solidbatman”.

    Batman is one of my closest friends on Fuwanovel: someone who's opinion weighs as heavily as Ryoji’s – which is really saying something – and somebody I deeply respect. He’s my friend, and I hope that I’m his. I’ll be the first one to admit that Batman joined the staff – and became an admin – during some of the site’s most difficult chapters. Despite seeing the very ugliest that Fuwanovel has to offer, he’s been a constant force for cooperation, compromise, and respect. The word “character” comes to mind, here. “Integrity” is another good one.

    I am glad that Batman took the time to write this post. We do need to be friendlier to each other, and more patient and understanding when miscommunications and conflicts arise. Like Batman, I’ve seen the ugly corners of Fuwanovel’s history. They’re there. The staff forums chronicle some of them. Many others have happened off the forums. I’ve been there for most of them. I’ve tried to learn from them.

    The point I’d like to get across is pretty simple. We are each responsible for what Fuwanovel becomes. The way we act, re-act, react all determine what the community stands for.

    I hadn’t originally planned on responding to this post. Batman and I already know where we stand in relation to each other. However, the responses of many new members prompted me to respond to them. To new members, and to their concerns.

    Fuwanovel is changing, but it’s always been in the process of changing. Better than anyone, I can attest that the site and community have never stood still. As new people come into the community – especially from other VN sites which are known to have toxic rhetoric – we will be faced with a constant identity crisis. We will be constantly faced with the decision to be welcoming, friendly and respectful, or the opposite. As we go forward, we will have to make the conscious choice – every day – to be different.

    I am deeply grateful for Batman, and the dozens of other members, who face this choice with a determination to do the right thing. Let’s get along. Let’s play visual novels. Let’s have fun together.
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    MottainaiVN reacted to solidbatman in What I Think of Fuwanovel   
    I joined Fuwanovel on November 20th, 2012. It was a long time ago. The Bruce Wayne dating sim that I suggested in my intro topic never came to fruition (a fact I'm mildly depressed about). When I first joined, this place was very very different. I really did not post much at first, and was blissfully unaware of how evil the VN community was overall. I did not know that I had to patch VNs myself in many instances and thanks to this place, I was able to play VNs without having to worry about that sort of thing. The forums looked quite different as well, with each hosted VN having it's own sub board if I recall (it was a mess). The forums were quickly re-organized into something close to what we have now. There was no walkthrough section, no FAQ section, no games and chatter section. Just a few forum boards. Slowly the forums grew, and I began posting more.
    For what ever reason, that in all honesty still baffles me, I was eventually promoted to a moderator position. I became fast friends with Steve as we frolicked through fields with our mutual agreements on everything. I love, and miss you Steve (just please, no naked Hachikuji pictures). I really enjoyed helping out around the forums. Everyone was friendly and we rarely had any issues with behavior. Fuwanovel was a tight knit group that just loved VNs. Ryoji and Eldin would have epic battles over old, obscure anime that the original production studios probably forgot they even produced, Steve was having a field day posting loli pictures and trying to convert me to the lolicon side, Skeith was regularly posting walkthroughs, Harry Kinomoto was being amazing as usual. It was an awesome place to be a part of and I loved every second of it outside of the staff forums. It was a place where everyone respected one another, and everyone respected what Fuwanovel was (save a few people). A place to make VNs accessible to the west. 
    Fast forward to today. Fuwanovel has grown immensely. We have a ton of active members on the forums, and out library of VNs continues to grow, as does the scope of operations. Nayleen has done wonderful work, and Tay did a great job of holding things together during the hosting outage. But despite that, I've felt a growing disconnect between myself, and a lot of the newer members. None of this is meant in a negative way. The newer guys have changed the forums a lot. We have so many random topics now, that have found a good home. The forums have been re-shaped to your guys liking. I said Fuwanovel was a family, and you guys sure have banded together. Sadly, I feel like part of the old guard, and find myself irritated with the place. Some of the things I used to love about Fuwanovel, the things that separated us from the rest of the VN community have begun to slowly crumble away. There is more mean spirit here, more rudeness, and just more of a 4chan-esque environment. The group of people I used to talk to all the time is mostly gone now. I still enjoy talking to you guys, but I find myself feeling less enthusiastic about the place than before. Perhaps what Fuwanovel is has become diluted with more members. Perhaps its just growing pains. Maybe we've grown big enough to drag some of you guys out from the dark places of the internet. (As yusa used to say, "I'll reform you"). 
    I still enjoy this place. And I don't hate anyone here. I just wanted to put out there what I couldn't really put out there when I was staff. I want this place to remain friendly, towards everyone, and I want everyone to be treated with respect, like we had just 4 or 5 months ago. My year here has been enjoyable, and I'll continue hanging around because visual novels. So this is a request from me to everyone here: Lets make this place more of a friendly place and respect everyone. Staff respect the members, members respect the staff, staff respect staff, members respect members. I've made my share of mistakes on this, and I want to correct them. I want Fuwanovel to be the place it was a year ago. I want it to be the friendliest place on the internet again. 
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    MottainaiVN got a reaction from Meanpandabomba in How do I install and play VN?   
    Just keep your locale set to japanese unless you absolutely need to change it. It doesn't really affect anything on your computer and it certainly won't make everything Japanese. The only thing in my experience that will change is some setups will change to japanese on installers that do have the Japanese language bundled in there. Even those programs end up installing in English for me.    Edit: Most VN's only play in Japanese locale since they are written in Japanese unicode ( Please correct me if I'm using the wrong terms.)
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    MottainaiVN got a reaction from nohman in [Ongoing] Fuwanovel Facebook Page   
    I feel the hardest part of the transition between the anime they love so much to actually playing the visual novel is the acquisition of the VN. Most people are too lazy to download anything even though it's quite a simple process. Maybe someone should make a video on to do everything in like 5 minutes, to get them over the fence because I know visual novels are definitely worth the effort!
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    MottainaiVN reacted to Luch in Chaos;Head problem   
    1. You should update to SP3, it contains many fixes and there is absolutely no reason not to update.
    2. Chaoshead_reg.bat is used to insert the registry keys necessary to install the underwear patch and the key to install the patch can be found at the bottom of the fuwa chaos;head page. Plus you need the nss.npa because the patch fails to insert the underwear activation options to the game
    3. Many people have had problems with codecs and this game so if you are using old version of CCCP, update it. Also try updating your graphics card drivers.
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    MottainaiVN reacted to Yukiru in hey guys :D   
    so you don't mind the endless libido...  i mean welcome~
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    MottainaiVN reacted to nohman in hey guys :D   
    Welcome, it's good to have you around.
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    MottainaiVN reacted to Clephas in hey guys :D   
    *Clephas does the evil dance, calling on the spirits of eroge to bless MottainaiVN's arrival with an endless libido and thousands of pretty traps that will transform into pretty girls if he finds true love with them*
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    MottainaiVN reacted to Hoshizora in hey guys :D   
    welcome to the forums
    I'm also new so I hope we can all be otakus together
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