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  1. Holy crap, I haven't been on for years and I actually came to check up on fuwa and the guide you wrote for Toradora Portable is still here. I still remember the terrible times I went through to quick check it AHAHHA

  2. Geez, it has been a while since I've been on here. Started this up and I'm looking for some help to work on my project. It doesn't have to be steady help; you can come and leave as you wish. Here's the project page: http://theresidentevilrpgrebootproject.wordpress.com/
  3. topic isnt really dead, just i guess less people play pokemon than i thought
  4. Join me for Tidus' "last story" in Final Fantasy X HD http://www.twitch.tv/niflheim12345
  5. they have nice collectors set and it was so limited lol glad I work at gamestop moment #1
  6. >_> anyone have a psycho shift abra they wanna trade?
  7. Holding circle should've turned it on. ( Circle on whatever you set your psp controls on.)
  8. Happy Birthday!!

  9. yeah iagree lol newbies have it easy this time around
  10. o0o0o00oh 8 because of the style and red eyes
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