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  1. No, but your adoration of me, shown by the fact you finally returned just to ask me that question, pleases me. Damn. Bats wins. Bats always wins. Go Bats!
  2. Charmanderson


    I would say it's very well kept, I do my best to keep it nice and clean. I always keep it tied up when I'm on the street and only let it lose when I'm home.
  3. Charmanderson


    I'm here yet again to bother you all with my questions :3 1- You mentioned that one of the major problems to go to Japan is getting the visa. Let's say I get it, I am guessing that it is temporary so how would I make my stay in Japan permanent? 2- I am a male with long hair that goes to the end of my back, what would the implications of that be in Japan?
  4. again, blending stuff is really fun xD
  5. messing around with blending modes is fun
  6. Charmanderson


    Sorry to bother you all again, but i have another question. How is the transition from western products to oriental ones? Like, am I going to find familiar brands often or am I just going to have immediately adapt to their brands? I know is quite a silly question, but I have a bit of a difficulty changing brands, especially with hygiene products so i just wanted to know
  7. I made some with hearts, but they ended up a bit girly-looking and it may not please everyone. Letters are a bit troublesome because they are hard to see in a 25x25 space
  8. I was trying to finish the ones we have right now before jumping into the creation of new ones. I'm not that good with coming up with ideas (the only good one i had was the puzzle one) but, as you can see throughout this thread, when people give an idea I do what i can to make it happen. I'm trying to think about that "First Post" badge but all i can think of is a "1st" but it doesn't seem to be that good, anyone has any other ideas?
  9. Would Michiru even be considered a tsundere? I mean, as far as i went in Grisaia she's just pretending to be one. But i see your point, even when two characters are in the same -dere type, they can be diferent from each other.
  10. Charmanderson


    Thank you very much for all your answers I am seriously considering the possibility of going to Japan although i think i would like to learn Japanese to a conversational level at least before making any plans. Your offer is much appreciated and hope that when i start making plans that offer is still valid because i would really appreciate some help finding somewhere cheap to live and in case I have no other option other than go to Japan via the teaching route i would like to get out of it asap (I hate teaching), some help with finding a better job would be nice
  11. I know, what i meant was that when it is oficially launched I won't be signing up for it right away, I'll wait and see how everything works and all, then when i feel comfortable I'll think about joining.
  12. Oh man, I would love to sign-up right now, but i think it would be better if i just lurk in the dark for a while to see how everything works because I know absolutely nothing about this kind of stuff
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