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  1. It needed TCL for some text as a whole and image editing yeah. In the middle of a pandemic right now so progress could be halted for now which is understandable
  2. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    Just discovered the game and all the info on switched engines and such. Understandable to put the project on pause for the time being due to current pandemic but hopefully after it's over the project will come back strong. Thank you for doing the translation and all the work as well so far and stay safe out there
  3. Did you get that when you started the game on the first cutscene? It seems to be as other people have posted in the thread about that error at start. You need AGE Patch.exe and run the game through that instead of AGE.exe and that will fix that issue. If ithat doesn't do it then it is probably you needing Japanese local
  4. Yeah I am leaning towards GD since I would be able to have add things easily as I find them and then with the editing permissions you could remove or sort them after you finish the fix or whatever is needed for it. Imma put red boxes around what the errors are along with some text on a few clarifying what is needed instead and imma get the chapters for them as well if I can find them as I didn't label that before which would probably help but that'll take a little bit of time and hopefully they will be in CG scenes area and such if I can't remember them Also do you want me to PM you the link to the GD with them after I make it or just post it here?
  5. Would you prefer them in like a Google Drive or something and I just add them as I got with editing permissions so you can get a constant stream when I find or prefer them after i've finished an entire route for the game? Currently on Lavarie's route and almost done on Chapter 6 at around 31 hours in
  6. @flamepaladin Hello i'm a little new here but wanted to say thank you for the translation with the dedication and work put in to finishing it along with maintaining it. I'm currently playing through the game right now and have noticed some errors in spelling such as one instance where one of the names is spelled wrong, words like wants being spelled wnats, sentences like confess your feeling when it should be confess your feelings, any more needing to be anymore in certain sentences etc. I am aware of the British spelling of words in game and not referring to those as errors here of course I've been gathering screenshots of all that I see and plan to do another playthrough anyways and 100% the game but I wanted to know if there would be any interest of sharing what I found after i've played through or share them as I go so they can get fixed with future updates if possible or if it doesn't matter and should just discard what i've got and not worry about errors. It's not a huge thing but thought it might help anyways to share and such I got 27 screenshots of errors that i'm basically 100% on and I got 3 that are kind of questionable like Eld having a god medal spelled Magna Break (I thought it might be Magma Break or something), one mission saying "Is that a person collapsing over there" which I though it might of supposed to been "Is that a person collapsed over there" (Hard to tell on this one due to little context) and last one being the Black Shikigami unit description on last line saying "Bravely face the enemies" instead of "Bravely faces enemies". Some of these are probably with interface patch like the unit description one but just wanted to put here anyways Anyways thank you again for the patch and have a good day/night and I await your response