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  1. Is it not correct? The actual Association of Localization, their definition is incorrect? Alright Did I mention 4kids? I never said censor it to hell, but most Americans/English speaking people are accustomed to a lot more swearing then the "IIE!!/NO!! or いいえ!!, or the legendary ばか/BAKA!!" that the Japanese find harsh. So in this case for Fureraba, NN did just that by making the "harsh no's" be swearing and other bitchiness in an attempt to be funny and to appeal to the English market with a more English translation. Here in the US, I hear the word "fool" used almost on a daily basi
  2. Localization as per gala-global: "Localization is the process of adapting a product or content to a specific locale or market." The entire point of a localization company is to make it fit into the American themes prevalent today. Or at least make the story fit the American market.. Bringing up the point of Yuzuyu not being tsundere enough and more of a bitch is kind of counter-productive. Why do I say that? Her entire character is made to be mad at everything that embarrasses her but to also make it be literal hell for the person who embarrassed/upset her. She's the overly sensitive
  3. 1. As poster above said, Hikari Field is just doing the Chinese translation 2. Your loss if you don't read any of their translated VNs
  4. I believe its time for us normal folk to abandon this thread before the folk that come comment to ruin sensible discussion decided to get even more aggressive than they already seem to have been on this thread. Easier to not feed them, since they thrive off potentially starting trouble .
  5. Still better than Sekai Project's timelines....
  6. Like I said, I think it is constituted enough to be a true route, you can say she is a central heroine all you want, doesn't change my mind and I am not changing yours obviously (We are on opposite sides of the spectrum here). Move on and stop posting.
  7. I'm not basing my assertion that it is the true route solely on the fact that her route is more fleshed out than others as other evidence piles on i.e. "The Most Forbidden Love in the World!" (Obviously referring to the controversial nature of the relationship between a near 30 year old and a 14 year old that is shown through the VN's "true route" or the route that is obviously meant to be the main focus). You don't have to believe or agree with me on that it is a true route, but mostly everything points to it being the route the developers and writers obviously wanted you to focus your a
  8. Old hags? They're literally adults. Not 87 year old widows..... And I am not confusing the meanings. Mitoko's route is meant to be a true route, or at least to me as it is fleshed out and expanded upon and is the last route a reader can read in the VN. A central heroine would be Setsumi from Narcissu, you know, where the only heroine is that one.
  9. Ah, I see. I knew you weren't being entirely serious as...well.."Oppai Route" suggests lol. I was just ensuring the context/meaning of what I wrote wasn't taken literally as in the absolute last route you unlock in a VN is not what I meant the true route is.(I meant the true route is the one in which you need to read all other heroine routes to unlock a certain heroine's route[Or some other parameters must be fulfilled to unlock it ]) In Damekoi's case, I would see Mitoko's route as the true route because of the fact it is so fleshed out and longer than the other routes, and by the fact y
  10. Never read it, so I have no idea what you are referring to other than Oppai meaning Breasts. (If it's one of those humor routes that unlock last, that isn't a specific heroine's route but rather more of a gag route[Similar to harem route in Koisuru Natsu no last resort]) [Nevermind one search told me it was a gag route in Rewrite, which means the context for what I was referring to has been altered. A gag route like the crabs in Majikoi certainly isn't what I would call a true route.]
  11. Most VNs that force you to unlock a certain heroine's route by reading everyone else's route are trying to nudge the player toward the opinion that the last route should be taken as the true route. Or at least, that's how I look at it, seeing that there are many VN's that have the same formula with forcing the reader to read the other routes first ('Hello, Goodbye', Da Capo, fairly certain Hoshizora no memoria did as well, and these are just a few of the many VN's that have this formula) And I'm fine with others reading it just because it's Maruto's work [Oh how I dream of a WA2 translat
  12. Going by the plentiful reviews I read, it seems we follow Mitoko and the MC throughout her last year of middle school (14) all the way until her graduation (Probably 15, maybe 14 depending on birthday) and, from reviews, it seems the thick of the route is over after that. I can get where the conflict comes from, and definitely understand #3's point on vndb. Would it be better if the MC was like 17? Yes, as it wouldn't be such a large pill to swallow as that of an adult man(who is 14 years older) going after an, at least in my country, underage girl (That gets you put in federal prison y'
  13. I disagree with it having nothing to do it, considering I was sticking up for OP in this case the entire time. Honestly, you need to have a little chat with your resident "purposefully abrasive"(found that gem on the neko forums when one user in this thread was called out for his behavior there) users who try to shit on someone else reading something the way they intend to do so. I said many times "let people enjoy things how they want" though somehow it devolved into what it became. Also, see Zakamutt's comment, you might want to hide it considering he's blatantly calling the OP an imbecile.
  14. I'm done on this topic man. I'm moving on, I need to finish a VN or something.
  15. I tried the peaceful option, "let people enjoy things the way they want", and all debate could have been thrown aside. You saw how it actually went though.
  16. I quoted almost every line in your reply dude. How the hell is that missing anything, especially when the points in the other replies are similar to the ones I quoted?
  17. Had no intention when it felt like I was writing an essay as it was. I didn't ignore any of the points you made in the post I repeatedly quoted. I also touched on a few of the other posts within that reply
  18. I love how once you decided to try and one up me by going and using proper, eloquent, and sophisticated wording in your reply then in the end boil down to "blah, blah, kid" lol. I never defended MTL itself but merely the OP for deciding to use it because he wants to finish a series he loves, i.e. "I don't like MTL as much as the next VN reader but who are we to judge someone based on how they choose to consume media", any further deduction of me defending MTL is downright idiotic and hilarious when nothing in the sentence I just quoted ever pointed to me defending MTL. That's an
  19. Asking if the way I put it was simple enough to understand in the terms of the topic we were discussing is not insulting you, but alright. You also conveniently ignored large parts of my replies so we're even I guess?
  20. Alright buddy, you're the one who thought the OP was dumb enough to treat a MTL as the whole experience. Simple-mindedness can be easily thrown back onto the one spewing that bullshit. You're one of those people, eh? Not everybody has the schedule to learn Japanese just to read something that is supposed to be entertainment, not hard work. I should probably rest my case here since there's no point since you've boiled down into insulting me . Thankful that most of the threads that I post in don't usually feature people like you who spew "LEarN JEPenes PlEB" when anything rel
  21. That's like saying if I were to install windows 95 on my computer that it isn't even windows anymore because it is inferior. It is still windows, but it's just severely outdated and not remotely useful, much like a MTL. If I wanted to read a VN really badly, and the translation is seemingly never going to happen, and the only way to experience it in some fashion is MTL, well I'm going to bite the bullet. I'm showing dedication and respect to go out of my way to purchase the japanese version( DIRECTLY supporting the devs) and read it with terrible translation that will barely net me a 64th
  22. I didn't ignore anything buddy. Once again, twice in my last reply and going to be once in this one: I never said anything about it being remotely equal/equivalent to the original. That's just shoving words in my mouth. I don't like MTL as much as the next VN reader but who are we to judge someone based on how they choose to consume media? Though if I recall the few that reacted and outburst with "MtL? dA fuK!?" are the same ones that tell the community to learn an entire language just to enjoy something. Let people enjoy things the way they want.(Even if it is pretty shitty)[An easy "No,
  23. He owns the VN so he's free to do as he pleases besides rip and sell illegal copies. Just like how you can draw the Mona Lisa with crayons(Though I never mentioned a damn thing about the MTL and in this instance, your drawing being anywhere near the original ) if you want, just don't expect me to hang it up on my fridge because, quite frankly, I don't care either way. End of story. Oh and don't twist what I said, I said he's showing respect by even considering suffering through a MTL, not that he is replicating the original. Like how did you even get that from what I said lmao.
  24. Did you have to go about basically saying "fuck you and what I assume is your laziness"? It's clear the dude just wants to read it in any form since translation progress has gotten to the point where like a pc would say "too long to estimate" on the download estimate. Laziness? for what, not learning an entire language? How is reading it with machine translation a lack of respect?(If anything, it's showing his respect to the series by suffering through MTL because he wants more.) It isn't like he is going to release a MTL patch or something. And no, I am not buddy buddy with him, though
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