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  1. Correction: I understood the risk, and acknowledged that it would be dangerous financially in my first comment. When you kickstart a series and only the first title is guaranteed and the rest is in limbo, it already looks bad. However, if Neko were to self-fund the translation, and then discover that the first game had bombed, I find that much more understandable in their case than I do in Sol's case(Considering nobody but the company lost out but in Sol's case, everybody who backed the first game essentially gets gypped out of a complete experience). My discontent is not misguided, as I have never liked kickstarter and this was my first backing, and even after backing I still dislike it because it feels like you're not guaranteed the full package. Yeah the stretch goals were not reached and all, but the ambiguity of the other titles' status really hurt the project in the first place. Honestly, I don't think I'll sway anyone into my point of view on this, but I accept that. I'll just concede any further debating by saying let's hope they deliver for everyone interested in the title. [Oh and it'll be nice to see a Favorite game with no mosaics regardless of if they release the whole trilogy or not] (No, I'm not shilling for Neko either. I like both companies equally at this point and hope they both get huge projects that really put them on the map.)
  2. Though I'm not advocating that, if Neko would have somehow gotten the license they would have guaranteed the series' entire release unless it bombed so hard it wouldn't be feasible.(You know, considering it was Chue's dream to translate it and all officially). As for MG, you're just putting words in my mouth. They technically did the ENTIRE trilogy of Da Capo. Da Capo I,II, and III were all translated and released but only got a few of their fandiscs translated. I was merely using that as an example how sometimes encouraging a company with sales doesn't always make them act in the consumer's favor. Nowhere did I insert my personal opinion about MG on any of the series you mentioned above but Da Capo(One, because I've only read Da Capo in that list and two, because I never mentioned them and three, because I don't read nukiges ). You're also referring to still-releasing VNs, not a trilogy completed years ago. That alone makes the MG and Sol Press comparison in this case inadequate. They can license what they want, but if a game has a known sequel that would seriously mar the reader's understanding of the story and there's no plans to translate(also considering asking for spoilers anywhere gets you the response "Learn Japanese" or "I'm not going to spoil it in case there's a potential translation in the future") that sequel at release or at least interest in doing so it kinda makes the first game lose worth. Take Muv Luv for instance, if only the first game was translated and Unlimited and Alternative were not, Muv Luv would be known as a generic high school romance VN. Nowhere did I say that companies can't license a series without the intent to translate FUTURE releases (since they could be years into the future when they've released). My opinion is that if you're going to pick up a past series that is already completed but is a multi-title work, you should commit to deliver the entire experience through the all of the series' major releases at the very least. If you don't then oh well, they won't be getting a sale from me. (Though I already backed Irotoridori, so no going back now.) Let's just hope Sol Press plays it smart on this one.
  3. At the beginning, until they decided to say that they'll try to look for other methods to fund the translation of the sequels in the event that only the first game was funded, it looked like they were just going to do a one off translation and forget about the rest of the trilogy. That just didn't give off the best of vibes. Onto the other point about how my stance is "strict". I never said they had to promise they would be out in a timely manner, or that they would be funded for a while. I merely asked that they prove they are willing to to do whatever it takes to translate the trilogy and not leave it unfinished.(They snatched the license for the trilogy, so asking that they commit isn't too much). Yes, it's a HUGE financial risk, and yes, it could be dangerous for their own status if they fuck it up. I understand that the money issue may arise, but showing dedication to the backers and fans of the series may lead to increased sales for the company among other positive outcomes. My real point is, you shouldn't take on a series with sequels if you aren't willing or have no way to fund said complete series. Releasing only the first game with no plans for the sequels to be translated would be EXTREMELY bad PR. Yeah, that takes out some series from being translated or at least attempted, but it might keep some translation companies away from the controversy and or issues that arise with taking on a massive project like the Irotoridori trilogy. Imagine the backlash if a company decided to officially try to translate the fate series and only completed the "Fate" story and that's all they released, completely leaving out Unlimited Blade Works and Heaven's Feel? (Though, I do believe that they picked Irotoridori's license up a little early in their company's lifeline, considering most other games they had translated were not on this scale and as such were not huge financial burdens if they flop in sales after release.) And on the last point you made about "buying the first game to encourage the sequels being translated". With such titles as Hapymaher and D.C. III(I know there were a ton of issues with licensing and stuff but my point still stands) not getting their STORY-BASED fandiscs translated despite the story being left somewhat incomplete, I find that encouraging a company by buying their game doesn't always work in the consumer's favor. As per my points above in the response to the other person, I believe that if they can't properly fund the title, with or without a kickstarter, that they shouldn't buy licenses that require such a massive undertaking financially and physically(with translation). They have released a couple of good VNs recently and I'm glad but they should have stayed in the business of not buying licenses that require more finances than either they have or are feasible to spend on a translation. I understand that it could be a huge financial burden by promising the whole trilogy to be translated but leaving a vague "We want to translate the whole trilogy but it's up to you guys to fund it or some sort of investor or other means of acquisition of funds in order to translate comes around" isn't the most reassuring update statement to hear. To be clear, I do like Sol Press and I did the back the project, in part because I enjoyed HoshiMemo so much but also in that I want Sol Press to succeed as they have translated a few VNs that were right up my alley and will probably continue to do so. My intention was not to threaten them but to instead warn them about how they go about the Irotoridori trilogy as it has the potential to sour their status with the VN community.(And please don't let them go bankrupt over this, I never intended for that to be a threat or consequence of promising the sequels [Only that they will be translated at some point but not at the moment])
  4. They should be saying in that update that they WILL be translated(or put it clearer in the update, not "we at Sol Press would like to see the entire trilogy translated", but "we will see the trilogy translated regardless of the funding that we as a company decide is the best option". ). Yeah, it's great to discuss a common worry among the backers and others who didn't end up backing, but if they leave the rest of the trilogy in limbo until the first title is completed or close to completion, there's going to be controversy if they decide to not do the sequels because of said funding issues if they arise. I get that they are a business and must wait to make some decisions (for financial reasons) but their lack of transparency at the beginning of the kickstarter about the sequels and making their respective stretch goals astronomically high does not look good, honestly. I hope they understand that if they decide to not translate them it will seriously impact their standing with the VN community. I don't mean any of this condescendingly and I respect them as a company(Newton no ringo was amazing and I am glad they translated it) but they better tread lightly on these titles as it could be a ticking time bomb for their status in this community (I know that announcing too early may have consequences for promising something that might not come to fruition at all, but they could reassure backers and the rest of the community that they will definitely translate them [and not wait to see the first title's sales] regardless of how the first title performs in terms of sales. Oh and I know they said that they would seek other funding methods but that really isn't putting anything in stone.)
  5. Okay dude, at this point you're just spamming the same thread over and over and over and over and over(17 times at this moment). Seriously, move to a different forum, the only posts you've made to date are "I'm Looking for harem hentai animation or visual novel or manga or doujinshi" or something very similar. Go to a hentai site for the love of all that is good as if 6 months of nonstop posting this hasn't already told you that nobody has a recommendation for you here, especially not hentai and doujinshi. Your posts span back to around AUGUST of last year and have been the same since then. Please stop making the same thread (honestly, I don't see how the mods haven't stopped you from being able to post this again). 4chan, hanime with the "harem" tag, nhentai with the "harem adventure" tag. Anything besides another thread that says "I'm Looking for harem hentai animation or visual novel or manga or doujinshi". Hell, even one of the site admins said that your thread title is too generic and broad. Oh and go try Sengoku rance and watch the hentai. Maybe it'll keep you away from the forum for at least a week. And it doesn't help that you're literally copy and pasting from a different site evident by the white highlight on your text.....
  6. No offense, but haven't you posted the same question every week for over a month? Or at least very similar. While there may be a hentai section on this site, but this is primarily a vn based site. Try asking on 4chan or a dedicated hentai forum as you aren't yielding any results here.
  7. Yeah, I didn't get into Visual Novels yesterday and I am entirely aware that they are censored by default because Japan is afraid of genitalia. I am also aware that they don't always have the "no mosaic" cgs on hand, nowhere did I say that I believed they are always available. Why do you think Yuzusoft games being translated currently will always have mosaics? Their artists apparently don't draw anything underneath or even make an attempt, just opting to put the mosaic there and make it look like it resembles genitals. Most artists do attempt something but some opt not to as it was never meant to be seen (since Japan). No I didn't contradict myself, all ages don't have H scenes and theres no mosaic to complain about. Sure they rewrote scenes, but since there wasn't a H scene present, there wasn't mosaic. My original point was to ridicule the idea that people who care about h scenes being mosaic or not also don't care about story. No h scenes mean more story and less sex right? Then the "story aspect" would be more important, because you know, there aren't any h scenes. Quite a few VNs actually do H scenes later on, what are you reading? One off the top of my head is ChronoClock that requires you to clear a route to view them, another, Newton no Ringo, usually had them near the end of said routes. Funny to mention Yuzusoft as they will never have demosaic cgs so I wouldn't even include them.(Noble Works was alright) Not a valid argument? I mentioned before that most artists do attempt something underneath the mosaic, but it's "censored" with a mosaic because Japan. The source material was censored to begin with, uncensoring in this case meant removing said mosaics because the laws that force them to be there do not exist in other countries.(otherwise it's still a censored release) So with your edit, you're saying that getting exactly what the japanese players got isn't something being censored? Might want to reread your first line of your entire reply again. What about comedy VNs? Some jokes are lost in translation because of cultural differences, so they are changed to make sense to an English speaker. Asking for a no mosaic cg isn't telling anyone that they have free reign to butcher a story. Speaking of which, how does asking the translator/publisher for a no mosaic cg make you think the translator/publisher will change significant portions of the VN itself just because they added an uncensored cg? Seriously, mosaics aren't the bane of my existence, but localizing and localization means to make the text, story, plot, or other media make sense with a different culture or society. One such change is removing the mosaics, as it isn't required almost anywhere else in the world. (and if it isn't available because it never existed, so be it)
  8. That is a very broad generalization and can easily anger somebody. If you think people who don't buy because of mosaic don't care about story you are sadly mistaken. It's more about censorship, and how it makes no sense to "localize"(make it easily understandable in english) a VN if it remains censored under laws that don't exist in other countries. (This little excerpt was taken from a Reddit post a few months back so these are not my words but they fit the situation well enough) Personally, I prefer no mosaic, even if it looks terrible, as my H scene experience most times is a "Ohhhh my"(lol) from me and then I proceed to read a line here and there and then ultimately hold down ctrl. One more thing, if we were reading for the story only, why wouldn't we be playing the All-ages then? That way there wouldn't technically be H scenes to censor in the first place. In all actuality, the H scenes are like a reward for the eyes after reading a 10 hour route. (You know, after the majority of the story is already finished)
  9. I know Kanji is much more difficult to master(to the point some Japanese people never learn it entirely), my order never mattered in the slightest as I didn't say they were difficult by the way they were listed. (Honestly, I thought I typed it and realized right before posting I forgot to put Katakana as well, not that I thought it was the most diificult)
  10. So one cannot read VNs/complain about the quantity of VNs translated if they don't know Japanese? As somebody said earlier, VNs are light entertainment, and I am 100% fine with reading them whenever they get translated. Now, if I had to choose between reading VNs and cutting out that time to learn a language, I would easily choose VNs, as they help me escape from my chaotic schedule. Also, everybody's learning pace is different, you might learn kana in a day, and Billy from Nevada would take 3 weeks to learn it. I am very hands on when learning so I need flash cards along with other studying materials to remember different characters and so on and so forth. Saying that just because someone has the free time to play a VN for half an hour to an hour every once in a while they have the time to learn Japanese is akin to saying that because I have the money in savings that I should just buy an RTX 2080Ti because hey, I have the money right?. Just because they read doesn't necessarily mean the time they have is sufficient in learning a language nor is it what they want to do(I already study enough for my classes, let alone adding more trying to learn a new language). Regardless, if you really think that people will be motivated to learn Japanese by being harassed/constantly nagged to do so by otakus like most of us on this site, you're sorely mistaken. If anything it comes across as a superiority complex most of the time. Let people enjoy VNs, whether they know Japanese or not. If they want to complain, let 'em, it doesn't affect you or me. (Not all of this is directed at the person I quoted, some of it is just for users in general that exhibit said behavior)
  11. Care to work my hours for me at my job? 5-10 usually, after 6 hours of class, I study/work on assigned work until about 12, weekends are the only time I get extra time (even right now I'm on my break typing this on my phone as I went in to work early because they canceled classes for the day due to the weather), then I hang out with friends for a couple hours, sometimes I stay home and read a VN for a little bit, when I'm really busy during the semester with work I usually have to do some on the weekends as well. You're wrong if you think I am not motivated enough, hell, I've done your "small, allocated amounts of time" studying strategy, but I find it hard to even get a hour to myself most days (If only I didn't have to worry about being homeless if I didn't work). Yeah, maybe when I get away from the ridiculous schedule I currently have I'll be able to study it, but for now, due to financial circumstances, I need to work as much as I can to keep a place to sleep and food to eat. VNs are something that help me escape from my chaotic schedule when I do get immersed in them. That's why I love them, even if I can't read Japanese now, the translations are being done so English speaking/reading people can have the opportunity to enjoy these as well and not having to learn an entire language to do so. Regardless, some people have absolutely no time to learn another language, especially people like me juggling long class times along with work, but being an adult means your priorities better be placed correctly or you'll end up homeless or without food. I will begin to learn Japanese when my life calms down/ this semester ends because I have more classes than I ever had before. (I have this schedule so I can avoid having to pay for more classes separately, later on down the line when I near graduation.)
  12. Do people on here get a kick out of telling people to learn Japanese? Like, I would love to learn Japanese, but having to study for college, working on days I don't have class, and then hanging out with friends when I get the time, only leaves very little time to even read VNs, let alone dedicate myself to learning hiragana, kanji, and katakana along with learning the grammar rules for spoken japanese. Not everybody can really dedicate the time to learn a new language. I mean, complaining about him complaining doesn't do much for anyone, including yourself. Back to the original post, yeah a lot of things are in the works currently, I'm sure if you reread the current translation list, you'll find something being translated that you'll like.
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