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  1. We have created a second patch which contains the CGs decensored by Helvetica. The patch download link has been updated. (It now contains both patches, and a separate folder where you can compare the two CG variants.) The new patch is still only 6MB, so we figured leaving it all in one .rar should be fine. The translation and all other assets except for the CGs remains the same. I have also updated the readme to reflect these changes. DL link is in the OP, but you can DL the patch here too if you're too lazy to scroll up: Link
  2. My bad. My simple brain knows nothing but translation. Technical mumbo jumbo goes over my head. The files were indeed still present in the game. Getting it all out and back in again was a real pain though. We did have Helvetica decensor the images for us since we didn't know the assets were hidden in JAST's release. I have been informed by the tech guys that we did not end up using Helv's work, though. So the files in the patch aren't Helvetica's work but the original decensor from the original artist. Still, Helvetica helped us out a ton with doing the decensor in the first place, so it only feels right crediting him, though I will change the post so that it correctly reflects what the patch contains. I'll ask the tech guys if we can make a second patch where we use Helv's work, and we will leave a comparison somewhere so people can see which CGs they want.
  3. Scene removed in Trample on Schatten

    Made a new thread for our patch:
  4. Trample on Schatten!! Restoration Patch - Presented by The Order of Restoration - | VNDB | Buy the game from JAST here | Download the patch here | What does our patch do? Our patch restores all the cut content from JAST’s release of Trample on Schatten!! We put back in cut voice acting, CGs, text, BGM, cut-ins — the list goes on. JAST only removed one scene, but putting everything back into the game was a real pain in the arse, which is why it took us so long. How to install the patch Info on how to install the patch can be found in "Readme.txt" in the patch directory But, if you are lazy: Credit Translation: Arata Hacking/Technical Support: Src_ Editing & other important work: Anonymous soldiers from The Order of Restoration Demosaicing: Helvetica Standard (While the standard patch uses the original artist's decensored CGs, we had Helvetica decensor the mosiaced CGs for us at the start of the project, not knowing decensored files existed in the JAST version of the game. As such, we felt it would be wrong not to credit Helvetica in this post. We are working on a second patch which uses these decensored files, so his work is not in vain. We will update the post with a second patch using his CGs, and you can all decide which one you think looks the best.) (Check out Helvetica's patreon if you like his work.)