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  1. Data extraction thread

    Eh, I give up. It's censored, anyway.
  2. Data extraction thread

    Can anyone help me extract files from "How to Raise a Wolf Girl"? Garbro can open the XP3 files, but can't read the files inside, and when I extract them, the images are blank. I've tried other programs as well, none seem to work.
  3. Data extraction thread

    Anyone know of a reliable Unity image extractor? I've try Unity Asset Extractor and Unity Studio, and I can't seem to get all the images from a game, called Forest Fortress.
  4. Data extraction thread

    Forest Fortress by Flaming Firefly, Poke Abby HD by oxoPotion, Neko Maid Hiroimashita! by CatBellUnion. None of these use dat files, though. *the latter two aren't VNs but rather "hentai games".
  5. Data extraction thread

    Thank you so much! I don't have anything to try it on currently, but I will soon, I bet.
  6. Data extraction thread

    How do you do that?
  7. Data extraction thread

    English or Japanese release? You need to pick the correct encryption algorithm for whichever files you're extracting.
  8. Data extraction thread

    I've been trying to, too, but with no luck. No one seems to be watching this thread anymore.
  9. Data extraction thread

    How do I work with .dat files, specifically ones that are used with Unity Engine VNs?
  10. Data extraction thread

    Still looking for help extracting Visual Novel Maker games.
  11. Data extraction thread

    Question, how can I decompile games made with Visual Novel Maker?
  12. Data extraction thread

    GARbro has been a huge help for me so far. Works with a HUGE variety of visual novel archives.
  13. Data extraction thread

    No, I mean, you'll have to run the game, access the gallery, and screenshot the scenes. Unless you mean you want to mess with the graphic resources?
  14. Data extraction thread

    Just gonna have to screenshot them, man. There's a in-game screenshot tool, I think. But that's what I ended up doing.