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  1. Unlimited Chat Works - Random Talk

    https://9gag.com/gag/argjXy6 Dat true?!?
  2. What are you playing?

    I have just finished Ayu route in Kanon.
  3. What are you playing?

    Yeah me 2 especially after checking out the screens on vndb. That is the old school anime style I remember from Yatterman when I was just too young to understand anything else than Doronjo getting naked in the middle of every episode. That influenced me
  4. Nekopara best girl poll and general thread

    I think Nekopara is one of those VNs you can enjoy with your cat. ( as long as you don’t get any ideas )
  5. Nekopara best girl poll and general thread

    You see. This is what I like. Vanilla is slowly taking the lead. She is the careful girl. Always following Chocola learning by observation , letting her go first. Those are a perfect duo but Vanila is the smart one waiting for good stuff to happen, taking completely passive attitude. Like a reptile and reptiles ( crocodiles, and turtles are a good example) didn’t change for so long because they were right from the beginning. Vanila is simplicity and perfection.
  6. What are you playing?

    Just the idea of superpowers through torture. I didn’t want to go into detail and possibly spoil it for someone. NICE HAUL !!!
  7. What are you playing?

    “Ikumi joins FARGO and uncovers their disturbing nature of harnessing psychic abilities through torture.” Kinda reminds me of Rewrite
  8. What are you playing?

    So many vns so little time
  9. What are you playing?

    Whoa !!! Thanx a lot
  10. What are you playing?

    Yeah that’s even better . Pixelated sprites from past millennia is what I want. IMO the older Key novel is the better it is. I am a connoisseur of them old novels. Those are so different from all the recent stuff. So exotic and uncommon, true gems. I have the impression that old Key novels were crafted while novels like Grisaia ( which I am also currently playing and enjoy, I am at the end of Makina route, some of her lines are pure gold BTW) were manufactured. It might sound crazy but to me Clannad has a soul, and while some scenes are a bit whacky, there is this felling that the whole story might happen IRL, which is amazing, because it might happen to me also. I mean, when I think about my life, it would make a decent VN. ;p
  11. What are you playing?

    Thank you guys for bringing up that obscured Key novel I somehow didn’t know about. Being a huge fan of whatever Key made it made me happy to know there is one more for me to read. I am in the middle of Kannon ( finished Nayuki Shioro and Makoto routes). I must admit that I really like the artwork there. It is unique and brings instant nostalgia that goes so well with the story.
  12. How has your summer been?

    Hi there. It’s been a while since my last post here, on fuwa forums. So my summer started somewhat in March when I quit my job. Some of you may know or remember I was working as a ships engineer. I realized that staying for 4-6 months on board is just not to good for mental health and my terrible social skills. So just like that I refused to work for couple of months basically doing nothing. Sleeping until 1500 and eating nothing but delivered pizza became my daily routine. I’ve started several vns ( AIR, Kannon, SubaHibi, Wagamama Hi Spec, Hatofull and couple others) never finished any of those. Shame on me. Probably smoked a ton of weed (huhuhuhuhu). So that was my summer until the moment when I got a random job offer and became an engineer on a luxurious yacht. So basically I am enjoying myself on a yacht in Cote d’Azur not doing much and getting paid. Wtf?! How did this happen to me. ;p
  13. What kind of VN do you enjoy the best?

    This. And I am a sucker for nakige too ;p. I am currently playing Wagamama. The thing is I am completely aware of what kind of game it is. But still I like it. Moege is my thing. It’s simple funny, eye candy. All the serious plot games just bore me. No offence anyone but if I want good plot I usually read a book. I don’t want to depreciate vn as a medium but this is how it works for me. And after serious marathon of moege I do fell more cheerful.
  14. I've created a subreddit for 0verflow games

    I joined. I liked SD a lot for it creazines and the fact that all that happens there has a fell that it could happen irl. It was a while since last time I played but I know when the mood is right I will start playing it again. There are still so many endings left . I was about halfway through when I just had enough of this game and couldn’t stand it anymore. It’s just freakishly long
  15. So What Got You Into VNs?

    Similar to NotAce. I gradually got myself into deeper levels of webbenes. It all started with classic animes like Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed, Cowboy Beebop, even Yatterman ( my first anime btw. While other kids were watching Cartoon Network or FoxKids my parents thought those were bad influence so they didn’t instal cable tv in our house. The Yatterman was aired on some local channel we had. It has influenced me in some way lol if you know what I mean ;p) Later I got myself to mangas can’t say how many I read. Hundreds ?? Then there was a break. For reasons unknown I just stoped. Then 2-3 years ago I stumbled upon Neptunia game on some minor torrents site. That was a game changer. It was the first game that I obtained illegally but bought it later cause it was so good. Now it is VN era of my life. I enjoy them as something to balance my everyday load of worries stresses and such. I guess that explains my taste in vn’s which is comedy slice, of life everything that is light. But I wonder, if my webbenes is to progress what will be next ? Actually creating stuff maybe ? I had it on my mind for a while but I just don’t have time for that. It is a hard choice between pursuing career or doing something enjoyable that will bring little to no income. Oh god I sound old. btw sorry for not participating in forums but I just have so little time to spare. Today is first day in many that I can do nothing but laze. At the moment I am laying on lawn in the backyard of my parents house just relaxing. The weather is really nice and there is this beautiful tree blooming next to me