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  1. Post your desktop screen shot

    Behold, for this is utter windowsness
  2. What I want more than anything in my life

    It was a good read. Your buttery lazy style makes my eyes slide easily on the lines. I am totally stealing that link to 50 prompts btw
  3. What Are You Watching: Movie and TV Show Edition

    @Andromis Roadside picnic is an awesome book. Back in the days I had a habit of reading every book by the author I liked. Picnic is the best of Stugacki’s . The rest of their work is a bit propaganda influenced. It always was bit strange to me that all the harsh Stalker concept came from that book. All that tough guys wearing gas masks and fighting mutants scavenging for everything , while the original Stalker is more like a Riko Reg and Nanachi from Made in abyss. That is just my impression. Well they also do all of the survival thing but you know...
  4. What are you playing?

    and that <---triggers my spoiler alert Yeah don't spoil me my Michiru Fuwa people!!!! Oh yes yes yes ...... and no. Now I cant decide keep writing or Michiru.
  5. What are you playing?

    Ok you made me curious. I have to wake up at inhumane 5 am tomorrow but I will finish Michiru's route today, or fall asleep trying. If it's platonic I am ok with it. My nick can be deceiving but I have a dick, still wanna meet?
  6. What are you playing?

    This post was a lengthy read I see clearly how much you got impressed by the game. My view on AI is to be as liberal as possible. Even if it leads to human getting replaced by synths. Tbh as I mentioned in some of my posts I actually am writing a book that is set up in a world where something similar happens. But unlike the most of the books about AI taking over, mine does not put machines in bad light. It’s more like the AI’s are taking over because we fucked up. They are children from pathological family who turned out ok and took care of the old parents and the rest of the family. Don’t know is it a new approach to AI ? Sure hope so I wouldn’t like to write a book that’s based on old ideas. ( Encouragement, guys please I could use some of that the whole writing thing turned out to be quite difficult ) Btw I am playing Fruit of Grisaia now I am currently at 3rd choice. So far the story managed to frighten me more than anything else I played. The amount of similarities between real life me and Michiru gives me goosebumps.
  7. Emptying the room

    Envy you there, to truly enjoy a vn I need complete immersion. Alien (brother) presence is always killing the mood plus it seems i must be paranoid and afraid of being misunderstood by a person who will see me frozen by sheer terror , of getting caught, with limping dick in my hand. I imagine saying “ i-i-i it’s just a hobby of mine” just wouldn’t do the trick. Loud music - worth trying tho thanx for suggestion Well it is effective, right? Surprisingly I don’t consider it a bad idea. I’d scare everyone and have all the time to enjoy vn’s. That’s just simple and genius thank you Dreamy. Did you consider starting your original topic where peeps will ask you for guidance. @Ranzo this vid doesn’t load
  8. Wonderful to meet you all!

    I think it’s more like arosia is a bunny colony based hive mind. I is due to climat change that caused bunnies to develop telepathy and ability of building vast neural networks. But since it’s goal is to bestow visual novels on us I don’t object the origin of that user. Welcome to the freak show bud
  9. How often do you watch TV?

    Same like most of the guys I never watch tv. I do own a big ass 65” tv but I don’t have cable nor satellite. I don’t have time to watch anything. If I want to pass some time, not reading vns then I go to the gym. When I exercise it doesn’t feel like a complete waste of time.
  10. Emptying the room

    Ok so some of us have friends or/and family. Sometimes some of them can be inconsiderate when it comes to our needs a s Vn addicts, while some are vn freaks like myself and yeah I have a friend with whom I can play nekopara casually. But guys like that are a rarity, majority of population doesn’t know what is a vn and when they see one ( hopefully not a h scene) the will think it’s just weird. My point is that we as a collective should come up with effective ways of politely kicking guys out of the room when we feel The Urge To Play. I will use my older brother as an example. On Saturday we went on a bday party of our mutual friend ( lotsa ppl bar hopping city games lotsa fun etc) we came back to my apartment when everybody else was to drunk to speak to ( me and my brother don’t drink much) and go to bed. In the morning I got brutally woken up by the sounds of my bro playing on ps4. He got so immersed in playing I just couldn’t communicate with him at all. Not to mention politely asking him to get the fuck outta my flat cause it’s 15:00 already and he is still playin. He is well aware of me liking all kind of freeky weeb stuff but explaining to him what is a vn showing one and playing with is just too much both during normal day or during hangoverish morning. Do you guys have any special techniques for clearing the path ?? ?
  11. Konnichiwa~!

    Tweehehehe I got psvita and that is exactly what happened. anyway hi and all to you. ( we finally got ourselves a real Japanese
  12. What were you doing in 2006 - 2009?

    I think that was the time of my life when high school happened. I don’t remember much and I didn’t have any activities other than reading books. I read a lot 3-4 books/month. Didn’t have social life what so ever. That was the period of my life when I was scared af of others, I didn’t speak to anyone including family. I was basicly a mute. When I think of that time now it is kinda sad. A lot of unnecessary and bad things happened to me ( got kicked out from school) and I didn’t have anyone to rely on or I was thinking I didn’t . Ehhh I am sure you get the picture. After high school I tried studying and failed then i went to a technical school and after two years I started working as a maritime engineer. Now I am still working as such and right now I am back to school trying to get degree in maritime engineering. Once I do that I am thinking of getting a job as a lecturer/teacher ( me a teacher....)
  13. What Are You Playing: Video Game Edition

    Shadow of the colossus remaster. Currently at Collosi no6. I like what they did to the game. The graphics are almost up to date.
  14. What are you playing?

    What a shitty teacher u got... glad you had license now ;p
  15. Hello friends!

    Hi there. I just glanced at your CG . The do remind me of Cinders ( witch I didn’t play but it was added to a famous polish gaming magazine [ it is so old school it is still called CDAction] but I read the article about it , it was long time ago in my pre-vn life. )So keep up the work I hope to find a while to play your demo!