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  1. Why the surprise? If it is good, a translation project should have happened sooner or later.
  2. Hello everyone, so this is the case, there's this friend of mine who wants me to help her to translate Fatal Hearts, an OEL otome game, a little short but with an interesting plot, maybe some of you know it. And I was wondering if there's anyone here who could help me to help her So far, I just now that the game was made using Game Maker, I'm not very familiar with this engine and I couldn't find any tool to decrypt the script files (which I think are the .dlg files in the game dir, but I'm not sure). I don't know if it helps, but here is a picture of the game dir: Thanks
  3. That tool may work if the script was already legible, however it still shows the crypted .ks file, thanks anyway. Now I tried the XOR Bruteforce bytes decrypt feature of Animed wishing to have luck but, well, still no results.
  4. The engine that game uses is kirikiri (since It has xp3 files). This time when I tried the "XP3Viewer.exe method" to decompress data.xp3, since I have the same bad result with the others methods, now I can see the images files well, and even hear the sounds, however the scenario and system files seems to be still unreadable I guess there's still something left to do, maybe a xor decryption? I don't really know
  5. Hmm... It looks like are some .ks files that are also encrypted, I was trying to take a look to the script of some Orcsoft's games and even when the files were .ks (and not .ks.scn), they look unreadable in notepad++ I used Animed KAG3 decompression and all its variants but the result is the same, maybe they just use some own algorithm for the crypt, but because I'm not very pro with this I can't find a way to get access to the script. I just hope some good willed hackers do something about it to help us, every new tool released is like a open door for a translation group to start something.
  6. This time the tool extracts more files, but stops with this error: I was thinking that maybe the files were unpacked wrong by the Animed tool and because of that they are unreadable, but when I try to put just the .ypf file in the text replacer tool folder to unpacked it I get this:
  7. The extracted files have their names well, here is a picture: However its contents are still unreadable. Since was MangaGamer who made the translation of this game, there's no english patch. But I leave here a shared folder, it contains the ypf file and the extracted folder compressed (.rar, no password), I extracted the files with the Animed tool. I hope you find them useful, thanks.
  8. The game that I have in mind is Eroge (+18), its already in english but I want to make a re-translation to Spanish. What I know so far (thanks to RusAnon) its that the yu-ris version is 290. I'm giving a try anyways to see what happens. "Edited while I was writing :P" Well, I'm getting this error: I'm not sure if it has to be with the language or with the version. You sir are the expert here so... help?
  9. Thanks for the tools progvian, I'm not quite sure if they'll help me yet, but I hope it helps someone else.
  10. Tu luz define tu oscuridad...

  11. and who is the "Nukige Expert" here then ? or at least the one with the resources to do something about it :3 really!? do you have a page or blog to follow the progress?
  12. Actually, to be specific I was talking about the "Sei Yariman" series, these titles don't have NTR (I'm not a big fan of this genre either). For other side, I think MG and Jast are just too "afraid" to even think in translate games like these. PD: I dont even know why Ryechu mentioned Clephas, he seems to be more like a Key-fan.
  13. For that, I was wondering if there is any game of this type, I have played several Orcsoft's games and there are some that I think should have a translation, they are usually not very long, and also have a pretty good CGs, of course are Nukige, but if you are a lover of this genre you will agree with me.
  14. I also sent a message to him long ago, without a response. I assume he must be very busy, or at least the enough to not give a reason of his absence here. I guess we can only wait...
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