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  1. Sorta. Probably because I'm still under 'Key influence' that i'm need to abandon quietly.
  2. Because it's Ruuuuu \o/ Don't know why, but after clearing 6 routes I'd felt... hmmm... some 'special' chemistry between Taka-kun and Ruuko. P.S. Scene with Ruuko and Sango ruuring is absolutely top!
  3. Just finished reading it. What can i say? Good VN. Not masterpiece, not legend (sorry, Ittaku) of course... but quite well. I think it's good "time killer" VN, if you not needed serious things, but also if you don't want amebic-like VNs. Good graphics, "okay" music, girls for every taste... But there's one claim that i have - route length scatter. Yuuki route was so short, and Sasara's route looks really longer in comparison with rest. My personal rating: 7.7/10 My personal top: routes: 1.Ruuko 2.Sasara 3.Yuma, Twins 4.Tamaki 5.Manaka 6.Yuuki 7.Konomi 8.Karin girls: 1.Tamaki 2.Ruuko 3.Sasara, Twins 4.Karin, Yuuki 5.Manaka 6.Yuma, Konomi
  4. Congratulations and thank you again for such a great job!
  5. Oh, that's good. I've 5 finished routes already so i don't want to skip them all ;D
  6. Will my saves from Beta10 patch work on final patch?
  7. Nope nope, it's not about patch I'm about Lucy, sisters, Sasara and Yuuki. They're don't appear in so called "common route scenes" if you don't make choises to their routes\scenes, that's why i called them "shadow side of cast".
  8. Woohoo, that's cool! BTW, I love Tamaki, but I dunno about a "shadow side of cast" (i hope you understood what i meant :D) yet and how it will impress me.
  9. I'm afraid that I will end the game earlier than the final patch will be released.
  10. Oookay. By the way, even unedited Manaka route was easy to read. I hope Sasara route will be same way.
  11. Okay, I'll have to settle for an anime adaptation of AD, but thanks for the answer.
  12. Thanks for huge works! I'm already play it with Beta10 patch (it's okay to me if I'll read unedited routes), but maybe i'll have time to play full patch in my "reading period" of this VN. Do you plan to translate "Another Days"?
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