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  1. Quantum Crusaders visual novel announcement ^_^

    ***small update*** We have been working feverishly on the visual novel. David's route is now underway. With yesterday's and today's efforts we have hit approx 15% of David's route. Yay! We thank each and everyone of you for your support and encouragement. It helps us keep up the motivation we need to work hard and stay focused on our goal. We have added a Patreon Page for those who wish to donate to help make the demo the best it can be. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4848395 With your help we will be able to include things like: 1. CG's 2. Full Voice Cast 3. Animated Cut Scenes 4. Fully animated intro Thanks again and we wish you a happy weekend. Quantum Crusaders Dev Team
  2. Konnichiwa! ^_^

    That's all right UnlimitedMoeWorks. Not everyone will see this, so, I'm happy you did And thank you, we can use all the luck we can get. Thank youuuu Nice to meet cha as well Dergonu
  3. Hello fuwa community. This is PervyGames with our official announcement for our first visual novel entitled, Quantum Crusaders. Quantum Crusaders is an epic, scifi/fantasy, comedy about three brothers whom are recruited by the Cosmic Federation to fight against the forces of the Kor. The visual novel will have the choice of choosing between James Alderic Knight, Robert Knight, and David Knight. We also have a yuri route planned if we get into stretch goal territory. Progress: Writing for demo ~ 66% complete. Missing David Knight's route. Characters for demo ~ 15% complete. Using mostly placeholders for characters while we work on the story. Music for demo ~ 0% complete. Working with composer, Emanuel Abrudean on the main theme. Trailer for Kickstarter campaign ~24% done. Voice overs are done. Waiting on animation team to create the visuals for the anime trailer. Also waiting on Emanuel for main theme. Rewards for Kickstarter campaign ~ 0% done. In planning stages for all rewards both physical and digital. The visual novel and it's trailer are in development. We have slated the Kickstarter campaign to begin October 31st, 2017, and end December 9th, 2017. For more information you can listen to my long winded podcast on Souncloud here --> Quantum Crusaders 1st Podcast Or you can stay tuned to this forum post for future updates. I can't wait to share this visual novel with all of you. Have a great weekend, PervyGames
  4. Konnichiwa! ^_^

    Thanks mitchhamilton I will head over there now and scout it out O.O And thank you RedK
  5. Hello~

    Fuurenmaru: Welcome to the forum! There are as many vn's out there as there are stars in the night sky. So you are almost sure to find several things you like. If you could give us a clearer vision of what kinds of vn you're after, then we can certainly recommend a few. Wishing you all the best, PervyGames
  6. Konnichiwa! ^_^

    mitchhamilton: Well hello there And thank you, I think I will have fun here. Especially with so many kind people here. DarkZedge: Thank you, we will need all the love and support we can get. littleshogun: Thank you for the warm welcome We will defintely be posting many updates for the project over the coming months. By the way, where would be the best place to post about your upcoming project? fuwa-chan: Awwww thank you imouto You're so cuuute >< I'll make sure to look after you, and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask.
  7. Konnichiwa! ^_^

    Hello fellow fuwanovel members, we are PervyGames! It's a pleasure.....to meet you We are long time visual novel players whom decided to band together to make there own visual novel. Because let's face it, your dream visual novel will never happen naturally. Therefore, you createth it yourself I hope we all can share many happy memories here on fuwanovel together PervyGames