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  1. Hello~

    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome and all these recommendations :> They are a bit overwhelming, but I'll surely read them when I have the chance. I've heard of it before but didn't try reading it since I'm not particularly fond of harems (although I do like reverse harems sooo ... I don't know what that makes me >< oh well). Anyway, I do plan on reading Grisaia no Kajitsu still since it seems like the male protagonist is quite decent? idk, and they say that it has a serious plot for a harem so yeah
  2. Hello~

    Ahaha it's actually onee-san ^^
  3. Hello~

    Hello, nice to meet you! :> Yes, I'm okay with VNs that have sexual content :)))) Also, I'm a sucker for tearjerkers. Thank youu :>
  4. Hello~

    Hi everyone :> I'm Fuurenmaru, and it's my first time taking part in an Otaku community. I'm usually a lurker, and it's just now that I decided to make an account and join a forum. I've been into anime and manga for as long as I can remember, but just recently got hooked on VNs (which I highly regret since there seems to be a lot of stuffs I need to catch up with). I don't know much people who are really into visual novels and who could give me recommendations so I decided to be here :> Interests: Romance, Sci-fi, drama, comedy or basically anything that has a compelling story line, and ... uhm ... reverse harems >.< (I'm currently playing OZMAFIA!! but the protagonist is just ... meh :\ ) I also listen to VOCALOID songs and Utaite covers/originals so ... if you have recommendations, fire away! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ I'm a college student, and we will be starting a new semester in a few weeks so I may not be online as much as I'd want. Also, English isn't my first language so please excuse/correct my mistakes >.< Anyway sorry for the long introduction >.< I'm really looking forward to meeting new people and making friends here. I hope to get along with you! :>