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  1. Well, no, what I was saying was NOT necessarily that situation, IE: Not it being a male teacher or Canvas 2, but, for instance, Monster girls and Some Monster Girl Visual Novel, etc. just a specific theme that makes you think of a VN you liked and makes you want to replay it. And lucky, Im interested in Amairo Islenauts, but I gotta level up my Japanese before that one, since I don't think it's translated
  2. Man, everytime I read or watch a even slightly romance scewed manga or anime involving a male teacher, I want to re-play Canvas 2, anyone else ever get this kinda feeling? (with any kind, not necessarily the example I named specifically)
  3. So, for anyone who read the series, Onihime VS, do you know any other anime like that, particularly the part with the bully, Shouko, bullying him but liking him. For anyone who hasn't read it but is reading this, you know that this is far past tsundere, this doesn't fall under the demense of tsundere, this is not a tsundere character. In other words, Im not asking for something with a Tsundere character, but a legitimate bully, however, only female bullies, Im not cool with girls getting bullied, sorry if it's sexist, but thats the way I am. And, for a little discussion tidbit, I feel
  4. It's not a VN per se, but I got Soul Hackers (a SMT game) and I've been having fun with that, so might check that out.
  5. So, I was wondering if anyone knew of any VN's with monster girls heroines, similar (only slightly) to Kamidori Alchemy Meister, its only slightly since out of the main heroines, the closest thing to a monster girl they had I would prefer them to be legit monster girls like some of the side routes on Kamidori, however, Im not looking for anything that is just straight H-game (IE: Monmosu Quest) Sorry if this is a bit to narrow of a topic (or if I've asked before) but any help would be appreciated, Or also, VN's with game elements that may contain a monster capturing system, simil
  6. Sorry I haven't been around in a while, we recently lost internet at our place for a while, and I just started college, so for which few of you may remember me, sorry I haven't been around, and I promise I haven't given up on our beautiful novels, and I will be back.
  7. Having only quickly perused this thread to try and save myself from spoilers, does anyone know, is Men at Work 2 a direct continuation of Men at work 1, or is it for all intents and purposes a standalone, playable without playing 1 first?
  8. Well, sad is ok, as long as its not like that kinda where the sole point of the story is to be sad, I prefer one that turns around into a at least happy-ish ending
  9. So, I was watching an anime, and it gave me an idea of something to look for in a VN, anyone know any VN's with heroine(s) who are sickly/hospital-ridden/bed-ridden/etc.? I don't mean the super sad, depressing kind like that one where 'even her doctor could no longer bear to see her like this, so he...' I would prefer it to have a possible happy/ish ending. She doesn't need to be in the hospital/bed ALL the time, as long as it is a recurring thing, not just a 'we hear about it once, and it never shows up again' thing, although I would prefer if maybe a large part of at least one part of
  10. I personally wish Misha (from Katawa Shoujo) had her own route, maybe that would have been unlockable after Shizune's route or something, Katawa Shoujo Shizune Route Spoiler, Dont Read unless You Dont Care I would have liked that.
  11. For anyone whose played it, I was wondering, does Shuffle have a strictly enforced play order? Like, do you have to do Girl A-b-c-d-etc? If its just one of those 'Have to play Main Route' or 'main 2 heroines first' then thats fine, but I was just wondering
  12. , but i am willing to accept I might not be remembering right. I guess Shizune is Well keeping in mind that not all forced is purely physical as in And as for your response to Shizune, that made me laugh so, so hard And considering that I am very sorry that I seemed to have turned this into a Katawa Shoujo spoiler thread :S I will do my best to cut back on it.
  13. So, Im looking for anime and manga [(anime preferred, but manga is ok)even VNs, but I would never mention those here since this is the Anime/Manga forum *wink wink*)] about a normal guy who somehow winds up in a monster school/city/world/*insert any setting here, really* similar to Rosario + Vampire, for those who have seen it. Note: When I say monster setting, I don't mean that he sees that our world actually has monsters or whatnot in it, I mean he legitimately goes to a place where there are either no other humans, or few other humans. The protagonist would preferably not be some supe
  14. Also, I consider most H scenes as rewards for the effort of trying to finish a character route.. Have you played Katawa Shoujo? ****Spoiler Below is about Katawa Shoujo, do not view spoiler if you do not want parts of Katawa Shoujo to be spoiled for you.***** Besides that though, Katawa Shoujo was, without doubt, my favorite VN out of the ones I have played so far, and I don't care how cliche people may think I be for thinking this, and I understand who made it, but, to me, the story for almost every route is just so extremely touching that I at least teared up at one or
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